My Dad Had the Best Birthday at Rhode Island Dolls

Every year I try to make sure my dad has an awesome birthday. My mom always does something special for him too – usually a party of some sort or a tropical vacation for the two of them. I like to make sure he has the kind of party that a man really likes though. He enjoys his celebration with her but I know, even though he doesn’t say it, he really enjoys the way I celebrate with him.

This year he is retiring. He’ll be 65 and I know he’s a little worried about what to do with his time so I’m going to introduce him to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I know – how can it be that he has never been there before?

He’s always been a little straight laced. Not stodgy but…he follows the rules. Including Mom’s rules. But lately, he’s been hinting that he feels like he missed out on a lot of things. I caught him watching a movie about a stripper on his phone one afternoon. He tried to deny it when I walked in his office but I got him to admit that he was curious about what happens in a gentlemen’s club.

And that’s when I decided I needed to take him to RI Dolls and find out what it was like in real life.

Since he’s older and probably won’t want to stay out too late, we’d get there early enough to have dinner. Since the food is fantastic at RI Dolls, I know he’ll enjoy it. Not to mention, there’s nothing like eating amazing food and having a sparkling drink while watching beautiful women dance. I’d either bring a small cake with me, or see if RI Dolls can provide one. I know my dad would enjoy a group of sexy girls singing the “Happy Birthday” song to him. The real party would start after we are done eating.

I would choose a seat next to the stage so my dad can see the strippers up close and enjoy all the sights. I wouldn’t let him pay for a thing, so I’d place a few bucks on the side of the stage in front of my dad so the erotic dancer would give him a special show in her birthday suit. If I know my dad as well as I think I do, he’ll have those girls eating out of the palm of his hand. He’s a very suave guy that doesn’t look or act his age. I can’t wait to see the look on his face as he enjoys every second of his birthday celebration at the Rhode Island Dolls strip club.

I can see it now: my dad picks out his favorite Doll exotic dancer and asks her to come over. She sits on his lap and puts her arm around his shoulder. I can smell her soft and sensual vanilla perfume from my seat, and I notice my dad leaning in just a bit to get a big whiff of her scent. My dad isn’t shy and puts his hand on her thigh, and she covers it over with  her hand to make sure his hand doesn’t migrate anywhere else. She laughs and talks to him, and I enjoy seeing the huge smile on his face. Next thing I know, he’s telling me he wants to go into the VIP room because he’s heard that’s where all the real action is.

So, I buy two bottles of champagne and head into the VIP room with my dad and his new stripper friend. He was as giddy as a teenager as he slid into a velvet chair. The blonde bombshell made small talk with him until a new song started. Then she stood up to start her show. She danced like a gypsy in heat. I bet my dad would sit there biting his lip and not want to blink so he won’t miss anything. She slowly took off her hot pink lace lingerie to reveal a perfect tan and taught body. She had implants, but they weren’t too big. She had pretty peach nipples and a soft landing strip in between her legs. But what my dad would like the most is to be teased. And this Doll did exactly that.

We would continue to have fun with the dancers until my money ran out, or my dad was ready to go home. I’m sure that after I take my dad to Rhode Island Dolls for his birthday, he’ll want to go back again. I might have a new buddy to go to the strip club with!