My Girlfriend Helped Me Celebrate My College Grad At Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club

It’s been four long years of studying and busting my butt over the books but I finally graduated from college! My girlfriend and I had been separated in two different cities too, so it wasn’t easy. She was so happy with me for not messing around on her – and I really didn’t! – that she said she’d take me somewhere special to celebrate my graduation and the fact that we’d finally be living in the same city again. I thought she meant a special dinner out or a football game or something. But she had something extra special planned. She took me to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I’d been to the place once or twice with buddies of course but the idea of going with her was incredibly attractive.

The night started out with a great meal because both of us love to eat. I knew she’d never been there, so we tried lots of the menu choices.

After some great food and a couple cocktails, my girlfriend, Jen, was dancing in her seat. She hardly took her eyes off the blonde bombshell dancing on stage. I couldn’t blame her because the dancer was hot. She had long blonde hair full of soft waves that swept across her tan skin with every sexy move she made. This Doll had it all going on: a perfect body, beautiful face, and dance moves that made everyone who watched her melt in their chair. It was hard for me to look away, but I loved seeing the look on Jen’s face as she watched this stripper dance provocatively. It was almost like Jen wished she was on stage with the stripper.

Jen and I talked, laughed, and pointed out which strippers we thought had the best costume, hair, shoes, etc. Then, it was time to pop the question. No, not marriage. I asked her if she wanted a lap dance. She giggled, bit the corner of her lower lip, looked around for a few seconds, and then laughed and said yes. I was so happy to hear that word! She picked out a dancer, and then I called that dancer over to our table.

I asked the stripper to sit down next to Jen, and then I asked if she’d give her a special dance. The stripper said yes, but talked for a couple minutes before getting up and leading my girl to a more private area of RI Dolls. Luckily, I could still see Jen. I wanted to watch every expression she made while having her very first lap dance. Jen was smiling from ear to ear. She looked a little stiff sitting on the couch at first. The stripper started her show, going very slow in the beginning. I bet she was asking Jen if she was okay, and was trying to get a feel of how far she could go with her. I was already turned on before the stripper could take off all her clothes.

As the song went on, I could see Jen’s shoulders relaxing a bit. The stripper got a little more risque. She danced so close to Jen that I bet Jen was turned on even more than I was. I watched as the stripper bent over to show Jen all her assets. I watched as the stripper climbed up onto Jen’s lap and bounced to the beat of the song, whipping her hair around. But what I thought was the sexiest moment of the dance was when the stripper was straddling Jen, and then took a lock of her hair and played with it for a few seconds before smelling it. Then she tickled herself with Jen’s hair, before letting it free to fall onto Jen’s chest.

It was my turn next.

I picked out a stripper and paid for my lap dance. I got really turned on knowing Jen was watching me. Now I understand why voyeurs like to watch, and why other people like to be watched. I think I’m a little of both. As my lap dance continued, my focus moved from Jen watching me to the sexy Doll in front of me. She was gorgeous. She had long and shiny chestnut brown hair, the perfect shade of olive skin, soft and pouty lips, and a cute but. Her skin was silky smooth, and she smelled like vanilla and musk. This stripper was intoxicating. She had moves that no other stripper had. She did things to me that made me go crazy, without even touching me.

It It
It was fantastic night that I can’t wait to repeat!