My Pregnant Wife Felt Sexy After A Trip To RI Dolls

Wife at Rhode Island Dolls Strip ClubMost guys will agree that the end of a pregnancy is hard on them because they don’t like to see their wives uncomfortable or feeling bad about the way she looks. My beautiful wife, Sarah, is in her last month of pregnancy and is constantly complaining about how fat and ugly she is. So I started thinking about what I could do to help her feel better about herself. I wanted her to feel sexy so we could have at least one more night of uninhibited sex before the baby came. And that’s when the fantasy started creeping into my mind.

After work on a Friday night, I would take my wife Sarah out for an erotic adventure at Rhode Island Dolls. This is the hottest gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Since the main purpose for this date was to get my wife to feel sexy, I knew that the Vegas-styled scene at RI Dolls would be perfect. We walked in early because, as a pregnant woman, she was hungry. I ordered us a delectable dinner and she sipped on a virgin daiquiri while I had a rum and Coke. The dessert came in the form of a hot stripper named Misty.

I’ve seen Misty here before and she’s one of my favorite exotic dancers at RI Dolls. She is tall and slender, with soft tan skin and long silky hair. Her breasts are a perfect 34C, and I could take a bite out of that firm ass. I knew that if anyone could make my wife feel sexy, it would be Misty. I told Misty the situation and slipped her a fifty-dollar bill. She sat next Sarah, and before I knew it, Sarah was smiling and blushing thanks to Misty’s flirtatious advances. Watching them giggle, hold hands, and touch each other while they talked was enough to get my juices flowing, but I knew it was just the beginning.

Misty stepped away, and we went to the center stage and sat in the chairs right in front. I put a few bucks in front of my wife and I. A red-headed vixen came over and spread her legs wide, right in front of Sarah’s face, before expertly grabbing a bill and sliding it into the garter around her milky thigh. Then, like a minx, she crawled onto her hands and knees and whispered something into Sarah’s ear as her peach nipple grazed Sarah’s bare chest. Then, I swear I saw the stripper’s nipple get erect as it brushed along the side of my wife’s cheek. My mouth dropped wide open to help expel the energy that was building up in my pants.

There was no turning back now. The only way to complete my mission and make my wife feel totally sexy was to get her a lap dance. As soon as I saw Misty emerge from the back door, I got her attention and she came right over. Then, Misty grabbed Sarah’s hand and led her to a semi-private area of the strip club where she could sit on an plush purple velvet couch and relax.

Misty started rocking her hips to the rhythm of the music, like a slow belly dancer. She twisted and turned a few times, showing off her curves. A quick flick released her dress and it fell around her ankles. My wife smiled and her checks turned pink, but I knew she was turned on by Misty’s sweet little body. The sensuous vanilla perfume added to Misty’s eroticism, which made it almost unbearable to watch her tantalize Sarah with her naked body. When Misty leaned in to whisper in Sarah’s ear and then kissed her cheek ever so softly, I had to look away in order to gain control of myself. My wife would glance over to me and watch me watching her, and she smiled every time. I knew she was having a great time, and I knew she wasn’t feeling so bad about her appearance anymore.

But my fantasy didn’t end there. We had a few couple’s private dances and I bought her a few more lap dances from some of the other Dolls in the gentlemen’s club. When she told me she was ready to go home while squeezing my package, I knew my mission at Rhode Island Dolls strip club was a success. I haven’t seen my wife’s face glow like that for a long time. When we got home, we had the best sex we’ve had since she got pregnant.