My Wife Forced Me To Go To RI Dolls

wife-forced-meAll kinds of people go to strip clubs for all different reasons. But I wonder if there are any men there whose wives forced them to go to RI Dolls just so they could see their husbands with other women in a safe environment? That’s the predicament I’m in right now. Sure, I love to look at sexy naked women as much as the next guy, but I don’t have much experience going to a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Day after day, my wife brings up this topic for discussion and I decline. Last week, her tone changed and instead of asking me to take her to RI Dolls, she ordered me to take her.

I’m a very careful person and I like to ponder things over before making a decision. I like to run through possible scenarios in my head, so I can choose the best course of action to achieve the best outcome. The same is true for this situation. Before I submit to my wife’s demands, I start to think about what it would be like if I did go to RI Dolls with my forceful wife….

Since this will be a date night, we head to the strip club early so we can eat dinner there. After an amazing meal of wicked delicious food, my wife focuses on the dancers more intensely. I can only guess that she’s seeking out the perfect stripper to give me a lap dance. She spots a pretty ginger girl with a sexy green costume that sparkles in the dimly-lit club. It seems the Irish lass has spotted my wife at the same time, and walks over to our table. She introduces herself as Sarah. My wife tells her our names, Michelle and Steve. During the chit-chat, Michelle tells Sarah how she’s at RI Dolls tonight to fulfill a fantasy she has of seeing her husband with another woman. Since strip clubs are all about fantasies, Sarah says that she can make my wife’s fantasy come true.

That’s when Sarah reached out and wrapped her soft little fingers around my rough hand. We stood up together, and then Sarah took Michelle’s hand and led us to the back corner of the club. Michelle sat down at an empty table that’s about 8 feet away from where Sarah will be performing for me.

Throughout my whole lap dance, my wife watched me interact with the stripper. She shifted in her seat and opened and closed her hands several times, alerting to me that she was very turned on by what she saw. At first, I felt uncomfortable. That first dance wasn’t as great as I’d hoped – not because of the stripper’s dancing skills, but because I felt so uncomfortable with my wife staring at me the entire time. I felt like I was being judged.

When Sarah was done dancing, my wife’s eyes were wide open and as bright as the North Star. She loved it. I told her I felt a little uncomfortable, but she didn’t care. She told me that won’t be the last dance I have that night, and that I better get used to it. Damn, this woman is pushy.

Michelle and I return to our tables and resume drinking our cocktails. Enjoying the adult entertainment all around us and a coule more drinks, I felt myself loosen up a little. My wife must have caught on to it too, and she told me it was time for another lap dance. Just like before, she picked out a girl to give me a show. Only this time, it was a little different. When I peered around the perfect abs in front of me, I saw my wife watching the performance and I smiled.

This set something off in Michelle and she walked over and sat next to me. Then told the stripper to whisper in my ear. After the stripper did that, Michelle told her to whip her hair against my chest. She did that, and then followed the rest of Michelle’s demands until the song was over.

After this second dance, I did feel a little turned on knowing that Michelle was watching me with another woman. I felt safe in this situation because I knew it would only go so far in RI Dolls due to the rules and laws. It was the idea that things could go further – the fantasy of it going further that lit off that spark deep down inside.

In my fantasy, Michelle and I take a stripper home. Michelle puts on a black latex dominatrix outfit on and forces the stripper and I to get it on while she watched. But it won’t play out like that when I really take Michelle to RI Dolls. We will end the evening together, just the two of us, between the silky sheets of our king-size bed.