New Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls – Choose an Awesome Stripper Name

choose-an-awesome-stripper-nameObviously, when you decide to start a job as a stripper, you’re not going to use your real name. You’re going to choose a stripper name. If you market yourself, this will be your “brand”. Even if you don’t, it’s the name that you hope customers will have on their tongue when they plan a night out of watching naked dancers!

“I can’t wait to see ___ ___ tonight! She is so hot!”

Doesn’t sound the same if the name is those blanks spots is Gruella Stankmeister, does it?

No, you want to have a name that fits with your persona. You want your stage name to be something that evokes an image of sexy and intriguing.

There are different types of stripper names and each conveys a different message. So, the first thing you should consider is what you want customers to think when they hear your name. Do you want them to think you’re a wildcat? Or maybe you’d like them to envision the girl next door. They might also think of forbidden fantasies or luxury.

What are your options?

“Normal” names – Andrea, Danielle, Jade, Amber – these are girl next door type of names. Customers expect that a dancer with this kind of name is going to be nice, sweet, easy to talk to, and down to earth. Blonde and brunettes that have a kind of typical look can do well with these names. The perk of a “normal” name is that it is easy to remember and spell. The downside is that there might be lots of other dancers with that same name and if you change venues, you are quite likely to have to change your name.

Exotic names – customers usually know that this is not your real name. Names of flowers, jewels, and locations are popular. These names usually bring forth some feeling of another country or culture. Names that originate in other countries often have a very exotic feel to them. Of course, knowing that this likely isn’t your name, customers are going to ask about it. Be prepared to have a story behind why you chose that name.

Luxury names. Some guys just like a girl that they thing is really high class. Sometimes location names like Paris and London just sound class. Other names can remind people of luxury too. Names based on luxurious cars sound like they come from money. Names based on jewels sound rich. If you’re going to choose a luxury based name though, make sure your persona matches. When you have a luxury based name, you have to seem like a luxury to the customer. You need to be perfect at all times. You need to have excellent manners and speak properly – no “ain’t”, “gonna”, or “wanna” in your speech. You need to have manicured nails and soft skin. If you think you can pull this off, go for it.

Can you change names even if you don’t change venues? Sure. Lots of dancers do this when they want to create a new persona. Yes, some of the regular customers are going to know it is you with a new name. That’s ok. Just tell them you like variety and felt like it was time for a change.

But why would you do this? Why change names. Well, think about whether the current name and persona are working for you. Are you making lots of tips? Are you getting lots of private dance requests? If not, changing names and personas might help you find a new type of clientele – preferably one that likes to spend money.

But don’t just stop at changing your name. Go all out. Think about what you are trying to convey with this name change. You will likely want to get new outfits and underwear to wear on stage. You’ll want new shoes. You’ll want some props to go with your new image. This is an investment. You will need to spend some money. But stripping is a business and when you invest money into your business – clothes, shoes, makeup, props, etc. – you will make more money in the long run.

The name you choose is important, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s not permanent. You can change it if you like and you don’t have to wait until changing venues. Your name is your brand and will be remember when people like you. They’ll talk to you about your friends and they’ll try to find you on social media. Have fun with your name and create your business around it.