Our Marriage Got More Interesting When We Starting Going to RI Dolls Together

Most people wouldn’t know it to see us together today but my husband and I went through some pretty rough patches in our marriage. It wasn’t so long ago that we’d pretty much given up on sex. We just moved through our lives, doing the same things every day. Taking care of the kids, going to work, watching movies in bed, and then sleeping. Day after day after day.

Finally, I got tired of it. I told him we needed to do something to rev up our relationship. He admitted that the monotony of it all was driving him crazy, too. We didn’t know what to do at though. We thought about it for a week before he came to me, saying he had an idea but he wasn’t sure if I would want to do it. I was ready to smack him if he asked for a threesome. I wasn’t that bored.

But that’s not what he suggested. He suggested going to a gentlemen’s club together. And the idea wasn’t unappealing. In fact, it was kind of interesting. So, the babysitting arrangements were made and we were off to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI.

The following weekend we went to Rhode Island Dolls. It felt rather strange as neither of us had been to a strip club before. We didn’t know what to expect. We took a table a bit of a ways away from the stage at first. We watched. A dancer came onto the main stage. She was beautiful. At first my husband didn’t know if he should be watching at first or trying to act like it was no big deal. But I reached out and took his hand under the table and said, “It’s fine. Enjoy the show. She is gorgeous isn’t she?”

He smiled and nodded.

The dancer on the stage seemed to know that it was our first time at a strip club as a couple. She came closer to us and she looked us both in the eyes. I think we were both crushing on her a little bit. I might be straight but I can admire a woman that is confident enough to dance with her clothes off. I mean, no one is perfect but she certainly knew how to move her body to show off her best assets, if you know what I mean.

She saw us from the stage and smiled at us. After her dance routine, she went to the back and when she came out she came to our table. She talked to us for a few minutes and encouraged us to sit closer to the stage next time.

We eventually did move closer and we ended up having a great time. We both loosened up a lot as the evening went on and we even got a private couples dance.

Later that night, we talked about it. And if you’re wondering, yes, it did make us both feel a lot more amorous than usual. In fact, we talked about it for weeks afterwards. And we had such a great time that we went back again. Sometimes we just sit by the stage and have a couple drinks and enjoy the show. If we see a dancer that we like, we might get a private dance or a lap dance. Sometimes it is just him that gets the dance and I watch and sometimes it is the other way around. Now we usually go to Rhode Island Dolls once or twice a month. We go in and have a meal after work and then we stay for dances. None of our friends know. It’s our little secret.

And you know what? I’m even starting to take some classes to learn how to work a pole! I may be middle aged but I think it will be loads of fun. I’m planning a special evening for my husband after the next night we go to the gentleman’s club. I can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he sees the stripper pole that I bought and the sexy outfit that I’m going to strip out of for him. This will be a lap dance that he’ll never forget!

Need to add a little spice to your marriage? I definitely recommend finding a classy gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls and going there as a couple!