Places For RI Dolls Dancers To Shop For Cool Accessories And Costumes

If you’re a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, you already know that the outfits you wear on stage aren’t usually bought at some magic stripper store where you can buy anything you want for any costume idea you have. The truth is that you have to put some work into the outfits that you wear on stage. It’s not like you simply get up there in the lingerie you slept in and start shaking it. While some men might like that, we all know that most of them would miss the cool costumes that you come up with. And those costumes take some effort to put together.

Being unique is one of the things that make you stand out as a dancer at a gentlemen’s club. When you take the time to put some thought into your outfits, the clients will remember you. But you might have to look around to find the stuff that you are looking for.

Thrift shops and consignment shops can be a great way to find unique items. Think how awesome you’d look on stage in an antique outfit from the 30s or an official uniform of an army girl from the 40s. Or maybe you will find a sports uniform for that athlete persona you’ve been dreaming up. Outfits like these can really help to play into the fantasy of your customers. And that’s really what they come for, right? The fantasy!

Holiday stores are great for when you are looking for a costume to where on stage during a specific time of the year. These kinds of stores aren’t usually open all year long so they can be hard to find. Sometimes they will pop up in a store location that has been sitting empty in a mall. Other times they show up in a kiosk in the mall. But they are awesome when you find them. You can find all sorts of holiday themed items from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Easter to St. Patrick’s Day. You’ can find great accessories and they are often at a fairly reasonable price. Halloween is a great time to look for themed costumes for any time of the year. Stock up on vampires, cheerleaders, naughty nurses and other costume ideas that are great for the stage. You can buy the good quality costumes that will last for years to come or you can by the cheaper versions for one or two uses. It’s up to you.

Don’t forget to stop by that novelty store in the mall. The have cute things like wobbly ears, socks, panties, and feather boas that are cheap but they are great for adding to a costume one or two times. Use your imagination and you’ll see everyday novelty items in a new light.

One area that you might be missing out on as a place to find unique costumes and accessories is estate sales. Shopping estate sales can also be fun and many people quite enjoy the hobby of attending estate sales. Estate sales are often held for people who had no family members to pass things down to or for people who have gone bankrupt. That usually means that these people had a lot of money so you can find luxurious items. It’s not uncommon to find things like furs and uniforms and luxurious dresses that have been in storage for years.

What if the stuff that you find doesn’t fit you? Especially the awesome stuff from estate sales and thrift shops? And even if they fit, they might not be so easy to get off when it comes to your big reveal on the stage. If that is the case, find a good seamstress. They can do magic. They can make outfits sexier, they can make them smaller, or they can even add in pieces of Velcro so that you can get them off easier. It’s not hard for them and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.

Exotic dancers at strip clubs who love their jobs can put a lot of time and thought into costumes. Lingerie can be fun sometimes, but it can also get boring. When you put time and effort into coming up with ideas for new costumes, you can engage the clients watching you in their fantasies. And that will keep them coming back to see you again and again. It might be a fantasy they didn’t even know that they had!