Planning A Night Out At RI Dolls With New Friends

I’ve never really had a lot of friends. When I was in grade school I had one good friend. We did everything together. And then his family up and moved to Winnipeg at the end of the school year and I never saw him again. That was a sad day for me. I’m kind of awkward and he was, too. I guess that’s why we got along so well. But after he moved, I had a hard time making new friends and I just never found anyone that I was really close to.

It was the same thing through junior high and high school and even in college. Sure, there were guys that were like me but we never clicked. I don’t know what it was. As a result, I didn’t do a lot of guy things. I didn’t go out a lot. I had a couple friends that were girls, but it wasn’t the same.

That was just the way it went until I graduated college and got this great job at a hot start up company. These guys (and some girls) got me. They made me feel welcome and they included me from the very beginning. I felt like I’d found my people. And when I found out that they liked to go to strip clubs on weekends…well, I was kind of excited.

Because I never really had guy friends before, I’d never been to a strip club. There is this place that’s kind of close to where I live (I used to pass it all the time but I never had the guts to go in there by myself) and wish that I had someone to go there with. And suddenly, I did!

I asked them if they wanted to come to Rhode Island Dolls with me on Friday night and none of them had been there before so they were up for it. I suddenly realized that I was going to look like a total strip club newbie though. So, I decided I’d better check it out by myself first.

I was super nervous because I thought I was going to look like that creepy dude that you see in movies but it wasn’t like that at all. I went in, planning to have dinner there after work and just get a feel for it. I was sitting by myself at first but then these guys near by said I should join them. So, completely out of my comfort zone, I did it anyway.

They could tell that I’d never been there before so they suggested some of the things on the menu. I ended up getting one of the burgers and an appetizer and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting much but to be honest, it was one of the best burgers I have ever had. I had a beer with my meal and before long someone at the table was ordering a round – and they included me!

Shortly after we finished eating a girl came on the stage and the guys I was sitting with moved over there, so I went with them. Now, I’ve seen stripper movies before, but the girls at Rhode Island Dolls are so much better looking than the strippers in the movies. Maybe it is because they are real. They smell good and they look good and they sure do know how to dance.

I ended up getting a private dance when one of the dancers came over to say hi to us. I was super nervous but she was so nice and friendly that she calmed me right down.

Now, I’m really excited about Friday night. Not only have I been to Rhode Island Dolls but I can actually recommend some of the food. And I know my new friends at my job are going to be impressed if there’s anyone there that recognizes me. I just hope that no one gives away my secret that I’ve only been there once!

I have a feeling that things are just going to get better for me from here on out. I have a great job at a great company and I have friends. It is so good to be able to say that. I have friends that I work with and have stuff in common with. I feel like anything could happen. I feel like I have an awesome future ahead of me. And I have guys to do guy things with! And the friends that are girls are nice, too. I’m actually thinking that one of them might become more than a friend…but we’ll see what happens!