Playing Games With My Wife at Rhode Island Dolls

My wife admitted to me a few weeks ago that she wanted more from our sex life. She wanted me to challenge her. She wanted to do something different. So, I came up with something different. I knew she had never been to a strip club so I planned at night at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. It was going to be a night of game – truth or dare games to be exact.

I knew exactly how I was going to set it up. We got to the strip club and she had no idea what I was going to do, but I did. I guess she thought that we were just going to watch some strippers and then go home and have sex. And that would have been ok, but I wanted to challenge her – like she wanted me to. We sat at a table with a good view of the main stage, ordered a drink and some food to share, and enjoyed the scenery. After a couple drinks, I suggested we play Truth or Dare.

My wife was a little hesitant at first but I got her to agree to the game. Since I’m a gentleman, I let her go first. I start with a dare. She dares me to walk up to the stage and put a dollar bill into the red garter hugging the stripper’s firm and smooth thigh. That was easy! I quickly hop up out of my seat, go over to the main stage, and pull out a dollar bill. When the erotic dancer comes over to me, she performs a few sexy moves, and then pulls out her garter just a little bit to let me know she’s accepting my tip. Then I strut back to my table and take my seat. I was smiling the entire time.

It was my turn next. My wife picked truth but I talked her into a dare instead. Much more fun. I saw a beautiful dancer nearby and I waved her over to our table. I turned to my wife and smiled and told her that the dare was to get a table dance. Her face turned red but she nodded her head.

I paid the dancer and she smiled. She seemed to be amused with our little game. She got up on the table and started to shimmy and shake, her body teasing both of us. My wife looked over at me and I swear there was a sparkle in her eyes that I hadn’t seen in a long time. This was working. Her eyes turned back to the dancer as stayed there until she finished her dance. When she was done, my wife stood and reached for her hand and helped her down off the table and thanked her.

The next two rounds of our Truth Or Dare game were truths. My subconscious skips right over the details of this part of the fantasy because, well, answering questions aren’t really fantasy material! So, we quickly fast forward to more dares.

It was my wife’s turn again to ask me the age old question, “Truth or dare?”. Of course I replied with, “Dare.” The dares were what we were there for – the challenge. She looked around the club for a few seconds. Her eyes stopped at the bar, where a couple of Dolls are enjoying a cold drink. My wife then tells me that she dares me to walk over to the girls at the bar and ask if any of them are lesbians. If any of them are, then I have to ask that dancer if she’ll dance for my wife. If she agrees, then I have to buy my wife another table dance! I think my wife really liked that first table dance!

I did as I was told, and one girl admitted that she wasn’t a lesbian, but that she loved dancing for other women. That’s close enough for me, so I gave her the require fee to dance for my wife. This time, my wife was much more into it. I even caught my wife checking out the Doll’s most intimate parts up close. I loved it when the dancer took my wife’s hands and put them on her but cheeks, and then squeezed them. I could tell my wife was turned on, and I was ready to go home and see just how turned on she was.

We stayed a bit longer but it wasn’t long before my wife was eager to go home and continued our night of challenges. And I can’t give you all the details, because that would just be rude, but let’s just say that we continued our game of truth or dare at home and we found some really interesting dares for each other.