Power Lunches at RI Dolls in Woonsocket

I work in a field that is very competitive. Those of us who are successful work very hard to get their and we are constantly having to come up with new ideas to stay at the top. A few years ago, I came up with the idea of building my own team of people that I wanted to work with on projects and on building my career. We weren’t necessarily part of a company appointed team. They were just people that I knew had the same work ethic and the same goals as me.

The idea behind building this team was to work together to help us become stronger and develop better skills and brainstorm. No one else knew about our little team of 6 people. No one else knew that the secret behind our success was our Wednesday Power Lunches when we all got together and went to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. No one else knew how much these power lunches helped us get to the top.

The menu at RI Dolls is simply amazing. The food is spectacular and we all get to enjoy a show at the same time. Even the women in the group love going because it is the kind of place where you can sit back and relax and just unwind. We started out going to other places but this was the one place where we all seemed to relax and come up with the best ideas.

Lunch at RI Dolls is so good. We enjoy the food and it helps us to relax. But most of all, the flavors, the environment, the fun – it helps us loosen up and get creative. We share ideas, we help each other out, and we strive to become the best at what we do. As a team, we have the highest success rates in our company. The best part is, no one knows about our secret little power lunches!

We even get to have a drink or two while we have our lunch – we just can’t go overboard because we do have to go back to the office! We take turns being designated drivers.

Each week we all chip in a little bit of money and then we take a vote on who has had the best win of the week. The person who everyone votes for gets a private dance before we all go back to work. It’s some pretty good motivation! The dancers there are so beautiful and they are so classy – it’s awesome to get up close and personal with them.

Of course, we don’t have to win the vote to enjoy the pleasure of a quick private dance or lap dance before we go back to work. We keep our actual meeting short so that everyone has a little time to themselves to do whatever they want before we head back to the office and get back to work.

Some of the guys have started going there on Friday nights after work, too. It’s even more awesome then because we all usually go home first, have supper with our families, get showered and changed, and then take a cab to Rhode Island Dolls so we can really let loose and have a good time. Some of us single guys just head over there after work. Sometimes we talk about work, but most of the time we just kick back and relax and enjoy the food and the dancers.

Rhode Island Dolls has kind of become our little team’s place to go when we need to unwind or when we want to celebrate something. If someone retires or gets a promotion to another department or has a birthday we always go there to celebrate. We don’t even need a really good reason to go watch exotic dancers, have some drinks, and eat delicious food. We have been known to make up reasons. Like the time we went because Bob got his oil changed on his car. Or the time we went because Frank got a new tie. We don’t need a good reason to go to Rhode Island Dolls. The fact that it exists is good enough for us!

Our Wednesday team power lunches are the secret of my success. The only people that know that though are the ones that come for lunch. I am so glad that I had the idea of creating this exclusive little team. I’m sure the others would agree.