Pro Tips For Rhode Island Dolls Dancers To Choose Their Music List

The dancing is important when you’re a stripper at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI but the music matters, too. Sure, the dancing is what the customers come for. But the music and make a huge difference. It sets the pace and the mood and can made the difference between a good show and a great show. And picking a great set for your music list can increase your tips, too.

Take some time to think about the nuances of the music. Does it suit your persona? Is it sexy? Is there a variety of slow and fast songs?

First of all, you should consider your abilities. If you’re just starting out as an erotic dancer at a strip club, you may not have the endurance to dance to several fast paced songs in a row. Don’t even try. Instead, choose a slow melody with a sensuous beat for your center stage performance. The main stage is the one place you want to give it your all when stripping. If you’re a veteran stripper who likes to turn up the heat, stick with fast-paced songs that will get your customers’ blood pumping.

Now, think about the mood you want to set. Narrow down your music choices by thinking about what type of mood you want the audience to be in. Are you looking for something to get the crowd’s energy up? Then pick a song with a fast pace and an increasingly quick beat. Also consider your own mood. Not everyone is perky all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance well. Use your mood as power for your dancing. If you’re feeling blue, turn that into the chance to show off your sultry and seductive side by choosing a slower tune with suggestive lyrics that you can bump and grind to.

Throw in some classics that will get the audience moving in their seats. There is something to be said about dancing to old songs that immediately reminds people of a strip tease, like “The Stripper” by the David Rose Orchestra. Everyone knows that this lyric-less song was made for taking off your clothes, one piece at a time. The audience can join in by humming along, which adds to the positive environment of your performance. After all, when you dance to songs that customers know and like, they’ll be happier and will tip you more.

It’s important to choose songs you’re familiar with. To really get your moves down pat, you need to know the song you’re dancing too. It’s even better if you know the words to the songs so you can choreograph your dancing to synch up with the suggestive lyrics. It will add power to your performance. It also is a great way to enhance customer’s fantasies because it will be just like you are singing the song yourself. After all, you ARE the star on stage.

The music should make you feel sexy! This tip doesn’t need to be explained. If you want to look sexy and dance sexy, then you’ve got to feel sexy. A song can do that for you, if you are stripping to the right song. So take some time to think about songs that make you feel hot and sexy. And then use them in your routines.

Listen to the songs a lot and practice your moves. There are no exceptions, you must practice your routine before you get up on stage. And I don’t mean running through it quickly moments before it’s your turn to perform. You should start practicing a new routine a week in advance, at the very least. When you practice, your body will look more natural as you go through your set of moves. You’ll be able to time specific poses for certain parts of the song. And you will have the timing down of what article of clothing you should take off when, so you finish your strip tease with enough time left over to dance naked for the customers.

Now that you have these 6 tips you can choose a music set list that will make you feel good and set the right mood for your client base. Know your clients and know yourself and choose music that works for you.

BONUS TIP: consult with your fellow dancers! There is nothing worse than hearing the same songs played for every dancer. Try to make sure that songs don’t get repeated to avoid other dancers getting irritated with you and customers getting bored!

youryourmusicsetperformances at RI Dolls, go find the perfect songs for your next stage performance.