Remembering when my Brother took me to RI Dolls

I remember when my brother took me to RI Dolls for the very first time. It was amazing! All of those beautiful women dancing on the stage. Not to mention the drinks and the food too. They have a variety of drinks and different things to eat so you never get bored with anything. I remember it like it was yesterday.

He is taking me again when I come home for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait and I am counting down the days until I get there. I can see the dancers now and can see myself tipping them too. I can taste the drinks on my lips and taste the awesome hot chicken wings they cook up there. I can feel the lap dance I will get when my brother pays for one for me and the next one I get when I pay for it myself, unless he pays for more than one from more than one dancer.

Yes, it will be better than it was the last time we went. My brother surprised me when he took me last time. He told me he was taking me out somewhere and we pulled into the RI Dolls strip club. It was awesome! The dancers were the hottest women I had ever seen in my life, and they were so confident because they knew they looked good. They knew they made me happy while I was there watching them.

There was this one girl with a stage name of Candy. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my whole life. I wanted to ask her out on a date but I couldn’t get up the nerve to at the time.

I would love to have the guts to actually do this but I do get that even if I did find the courage it’s not likely to happen because it simply isn’t allowed. But you can’t blame a guy for trying, can you? If she went out with me and even started being my girlfriend, I would be so happy. I have always wanted to date a stripper. I do hope she still works there.

Of course, I know that the dancers aren’t allowed to date the customers. So, I know this can’t really happen. But a guy can dream right? Just being around these gorgeous women is enough though. I’d never be pushy or anything but it’s an awesome daydream isn’t it? I mean, who wouldn’t want to have an exotic dancer for a girlfriend?

My brother is a great guy for taking me to this place. I had the best time ever last time he took me and I know it will be even better this time around. As soon as I get home for Thanksgiving, I hope he takes me the same night. We can have drinks, eat some great food, and reminisce about the last time we went. We can compare the girls to each other like we did last time. Maybe my brother will ask one out too and we can double date. That would be awesome!

My brother and I are really close. We grew up together and have always been close friends. He is the coolest brother any guy could ask for and I am so glad I have him for a brother. I don’t know what I would do without him. The bond we have gets stronger every time I go home for the holidays or for whatever reason. Going to the strip club together makes that bond between us even stronger than before. We have so much in common since we both like RI Dolls so much and we both like the girls there.

I like Candy a lot. I wonder what her real name is or if that is her real name. I doubt it is. I hope she tells me what it really is. I hope she isn’t the private kind of girl who doesn’t want to tell anyone about herself because I would really love to get to know her more. All I know about her right now is that she is an erotic dancer and her “name” is Candy. Maybe she will want to get to know me too when I see her. That would be really great! It would be awesome if she said yes when I asked her out. I will be so happy and will feel so special if she says yes to me!