Rhode Island Dolls Dancers Can Engage With Fans During The Pandemic

Any dancer at a gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island knows that her money is with her regular clients and fans. Unfortunately, there’s not much money to be earned when most businesses are closed and pretty much everyone is socially isolating. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t engage with your regular customers and even find new fans while the pandemic is going on. Being a stripper is an independent business and no one is going to promote you better than you.

A Facebook Fan Page can be a fun way to connect with your fan base and with new customers. There’s never been a better time to get one started if you don’t have one already. It’s easy to set up and you can run it from your profile without them knowing who you actually are.

You can share things like songs that you’re considering using in your next set, dates that you’re going to be on stage, and “personal” pictures that aren’t really personal at all. You can even do short videos or Facebook Lives to remind your customers about why they love you so much (just remember that Facebook will shut you down very quickly if you’re showing too much skin!).

Remember not to share information that will help them identify where you live or other people in your life. One of the down sides of Facebook Fan Pages is that when someone likes a page, all of their friends can see that they have liked the page. If your main customer base is young and single men, that’s not a big deal. In fact, it is a drawing point because they may share things from your page. But if your main customer base is married men with children, they likely won’t want to reveal to their family and friends that they like a stripper’s fan page.

If you want to avoid the whole public visibility of a Facebook Page, you can create a Facebook Group and make it private. When a group is private, only people that are in the group can see who else is in the group and the posts that are shared there. This is also a good way to make sure that no one under 18 is able to access your photos/videos. You still have to make sure that there’s no inappropriate pictures though because Facebook will shut you down if you’re breaking their rules.

Another more confidential social media option is SnapChat. On SnapChat, people who follow you can’t see who you follow. The only way that someone could see who you actually follow on SnapChat would be if they picked up your phone and got into your app. If a guy is smart, he can protect his phone with passwords. SnapChat can be a fun way to connect with fans because you can share little bits about your life without anything personal. Videos and pictures are a great way to interact with fans. You can choose to allow them to message you or have messages blocked. Make sure the option to have your location set is not turned on though!

Other options for staying connected with fans and customers include Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram. You don’t have to use them all but having one or two options for fans and regular customers is a great way to build your business while you’re not working. If several of the RI Dolls dancers get on the same platform you can even work together to promote each other and increase awareness of what you’re doing.

Celebrities are doing exactly this right now for a reason. Niall Horan regularly does Instagram Lives. He sings and talks and he even has fans join him on Instagram Live so they can ask him questions. Other celebrities are doing the same thing. Why? Because they can’t get out of the house and they know their fans can’t get out of the house but they can connect with them more than ever now that they have time.

Keeping your regular customers coming back for more is a great way to make sure that you earn enough tips to make a good living in the future. Connecting with them on a deeper level reminds them exactly why they love you so much and will get them back to the club as soon as it opens up again. Don’t let your fans forget you! Get out there and interact and engage with them!