Rhode Island Dolls Dancers Can Use These Skin Care Tips

As a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, looking your best is part of the job. There’s lots to think about, too. You have to stay in shape, have great hair, and even think about your skin because no one want to watch a dancer with skin blemishes. There are quite a few things that you can do to make sure that your skin stays supple and smooth and blemish free. And if you create the right habits, it becomes very simple.

One of the most important things you can do for the skin on your face is to remember to wash your makeup off each and every night. It might seem like a chore and you may think that you can skip it once in a while but sleeping in your makeup even once can cause blackheads and other breakouts. Skip the soap though. Using soap on your face will only dry out your skin. Instead, find a good skin cleanser that is known for being gentle and use a soft cloth or cotton balls to remove your makeup. Don’t scrub! Remove your makeup with gentle circles and you’ll find that your skin will thank you.

Sometimes pimple outbreaks happen anyway, no matter how careful you are to remove your makeup each night. They can come with stress or with that time of the month. If you find that you have breakouts that just can’t be avoided, keep a quality pimple remove on hand. Find something that is not filled with harsh chemicals and cleanse your skin carefully.

Do you find that you are getting breakouts along the jaw line and near your chin? It might be your phone! Seriously, talking on the phone a lot can cause major breakouts. Try using a set of headphones with a built in microphone if talking on the phone is not something you can give up. If you are in your own home, you can also use the speaker function of your phone to avoid having to hold the phone up to your face.

Stay out of the sun or use sunscreen. Even when the weather is cold, the sun can really affect the condition of your skin. It can make it dry and create wrinkles. If you can find a moisturizer with a built in sunscreen you can kill two birds with one stone. You can protect your face from wind and heat and protect it from the sun at the same time. Get into the habit of wearing a sunscreen with a moisturizer each day before you leave the house – even if you’re just running errands – and you will find that your skin will have a healthy glow.

Your lifestyle can also affect your skin. It’s important to get enough rest and well rested people generally have much better skin. Rest also helps you deal with stress better and stress can cause wrinkles. So, while some might think that napping is a waste of time, it’s actually an investment! Also, eating right can keep your skin looking wonderful. Get lots of veggies and fruits. And make sure to drink lots of water. Water keeps you hydrated and being hydrated will keep your skin looking young.

For your body, start and end your day with a good lotion. Know your skin type and use a lotion that is designed for you. Stay away from anything with parabens or other harmful chemicals in it. Go fragrance free if possible but if you really want something with a fragrance look for something that is naturally scented with rose, lilac, or sandalwood because these will naturally hydrate your skin as well as smell nice. Try to find a sample or promotional pack before investing in the whole bottle if the lotion you’re considering is expensive – that way you can try before you buy.

If you use these tips, you can enhance the beauty of your skin. Your hands, legs, feet and face will thank you if you take care of the skin on them. And you’ll look much sexier on the dance floor if the skin that you show glows with health. It is a fact that men love a woman who skin looks like it would be soft to the touch – even if they aren’t actually allowed to do any touching. And, as an added bonus, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident when you don’t’ have to worry about blemishes or dry and cracked skin being visible.