Rhode Island Dolls Dancers Can Watch Their Earnings Grow With These Tips

It’s important to have a job you love. It’s important to have a job that you can have fun with. It’s important to work somewhere with people you like and get along with. But when it comes right down to it, no matter what your job is but especially if you’re a dancer at a gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, you’re there to make money.

For strippers at dance clubs, the majority of the money that is earned comes from tips. If you’re not making good tips, you’re not earning as much as you could be. You can change clubs, get new costumes, or try a different dance routine but in the long run, the best thing you can do is find a way to make more tips right where you are.

The first thing you should always remember is that you need to keep your wits about you so you have to stay sober. This should go without saying because in the majority of gentlemen’s clubs you are not allowed to drink while you’re working. That doesn’t mean that everyone follows that rule. You should though. If you’re drinking alcohol while you’re working (or using other substances), it is harder to keep your mind focused on the most important reason why you’re there – to make money. You might feel like you’re doing a better job if you are high on something, but it’s not worth the risk. Not only do you lose sight of the main goal, but you could get fired and then you won’t be making any money at all.

Another thing you can do to increase your earnings is something very simple: SMILE! Really, if you don’t practice the art of smiling when you’re working at the strip club, you’re missing out on a lot. It’s been said many times before, but a smile can get you a long way. Not only do you seem more approachable, but your dances are more appealing if you look like you are actually having a good time and not just trying to make a buck. Ok – you are just trying to make a buck some days, but don’t look like it.

The best dancers work their best assets. Know what yours are. Do you have gorgeous long hair that customers love? Then don’t tie it up on your head in a messy bun – let it flow over your shoulders, flip it around and make sure that the customers notice it. Keep it in top conditions so that it looks healthy and sensual. Is your best feature your eyes? Then learn to accentuate them with make-up skills. Figure out what your best asset is and play it up to your best advantage so that customers easily recognize it.

Be energetic. No one wants a dancer that looks like she needs a nap. You can keep your energy levels high by staying in good physical shape and by eating well. If you go all day without eating on a regular basis, it won’t matter if you are the skinniest dancer in the club because you won’t have the energy to keep up your routines. Find a balance between regular workouts and eating well balanced meals and you’ll find that, even if you weigh a little more, you’ll have a lot more energy to shake your money maker. And don’t forget to stay hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, you will find that you feel more tired and it will be harder to perform.

It’s always good to change things up from time to time. You might have signature moves that customers love and bring in the money but don’t be afraid to try something new. Customers like variety. Learn some new dance moves. Try a new outfit. Create a new persona. By mixing things up you can appeal to new customers, which can be a good thing. Your regular customers aren’t always going to be there when you need to make money. Create a varied wardrobe and learn moves that will keep your customers interested and you’ll find that your tips increase!

Finally, know when to walk away. There are some people that you could work on for hours and never receive a tip from them. All they want to do is talk. They don’t get lap dances or private dances and they don’t tip. Learn to recognize these people and walk away when you do.