Rhode Island Dolls Dancers: How Much About Yourself to Reveal to Clients

Rhode Island Dolls Dancer - Don't Reveal too Much InformationAs a dancer for Rhode Island Dolls, you probably spend a lot of time at the club. After dancing a few times a week, some girls even come up and hang out on the days that they don’t work. When you spend that much time in one place, you will get to know some of your clients pretty well. Some girls share private details because they genuinely like a client and enjoy getting to know new people. Other dancers realize that sharing intimate details about their lives is an effective way to score large tips, jewelry, and even cars or vacations. It’s okay to reveal some info about yourself, but proceed with caution when letting a client learn about your life outside of the club.

Do: Mention that you live in the area. Clients like to know that you’re local, and out-of-town visitors might want to learn more about the city. You can share local hotspots with them, but make sure to remind them that there’s nothing more fun than visiting the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls.

Don’t: Give out your address or share the name of your subdivision, apartment complex, or other identifying landmarks near your home. Most clients aren’t crazy, but you don’t want to take any chances. Some of them become obsessed with the dancers, and a stalker is the last thing that you need.

Do: Tell your clients that you’re a college student. Feel free to gripe about the high cost of tuition and your demanding course load. It’s also okay to talk about how long you’ve been going and how long you have left.

Don’t: Provide the name of your school, your mascot, or your class schedule. You can tell your client which courses you are taking, but don’t tell him when. Some creepers might show up for a surprise visit after Chem 101.

Do: Say that you are “kind of” seeing someone if your client asks if you have a boyfriend. Make it sound as though your boyfriend is completely cool with you being a dancer and seeing other people, even if he isn’t.

Don’t: Tell your client that you are in a serious monogamous relationship. Yeah, it sucks to lie, but keep in mind that you’re providing a fantasy for your client. Coming to see you is his chance to escape from the stress of his regular life, and it might crush him if he finds out that he has no chance with you. He probably has no chance anyway, but you should never let him know that.

Do: Mention that you have lots of bills to pay. If he asks, tell him your rent is high, daycare is expensive, whatever. It’s okay to share the amounts of your monthly expenses.

Don’t: Tell him where you bank, who you have credit cards with, which company you use for utilities, or anything else that can be traced back to you. He might want to surprise you by contacting the company and helping, but he might also just want to find out personal information so that he can find your home address.

Do: Talk about your kids. Many dancers have children, and your clients will not be surprised to hear that you are a mom. Some clients have a soft spot for struggling single moms and will want to shower you with gifts for yourself and your kids.

Don’t: Reveal the birthdates, full names, or schools of your children. Also avoid sharing information about extracurricular activities, such as where they take gymnastics or vocal lessons.

Do: Talk about family problems. Some clients believe that your life –and the life of every other dancer – is a train wreck and want to be the hero that saves you. Let them offer to help.

Don’t: Tell your client about anything that may make him too worried. Clients can be very protective of their dancers, and you don’t want yours beating up your dad over a trivial argument.

When interacting with clients, think about the information you have on any public sections of your Facebook or Twitter page. A good rule to prevent oversharing is to remember that if you wouldn’t share something on a social networking site, you shouldn’t share it with your client. Have fun getting to know your clients, but be careful.

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