Rhode Island Dolls Dancers – Ideas for Sexy Dance Costumes

Rhode Island Dolls - Dancer with Sexy CostumeOne of the best things about being a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls is that you get to use your creativity in your work. You don’t have to do the same thing that all the other dancers do. In fact, you’ll be much more successful in your job as a dancer if you do not do the same things that other dancers do.

One of the ways that you get to show your creativity is in your costumes. Many will stick with the tried and true costumes like the cowgirl, the police woman, and the genie. But why not get creative and come up with some costume ideas that the customers have never seen before?

Of course, you don’t want to get too creative and come out onto the stage dressed as Mrs. Potato Head because your costumes need to appeal to the fantasies of the customers that come to watch you dance. While there very well might be someone out there that thinks that Mrs. Potato Head is sexy, that person is sure to be a rarity. Instead, you want to come up with unique costumes that appeal to a fairly large population but have not been seen over and over again. It might appeal to a fantasy that they didn’t even realize they have had but it should definitely be sexy.

So where can dancers find ideas for sexy costumes that appeal to a large number of men?

The Movies

The movies can be a great place to find inspiration for dancer’s costumes. Don’t just look at the movies you normally watch (although those might be a source of inspiration). Look to the movies that men watch and look for the sex symbols in those movies.

Men love mob movies and television shows. Do you know any guys that have not seen The Godfather (likely all parts!) or can’t quote a scene or two from Scarface? Study the women they love in movies like this and put together a great mob chick costume. A lot of guys are really into post-apocalyptic movies, too. Why not put together a futuristic costume from a post-apocalyptic time? And of course, we know guys love westerns, which is why cowgirl costumes are so popular. But cowgirls aren’t the only chicks in western movies. There’s bar maids and the “good” wives and lots of other women to get inspiration from in western movies.

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Music and Music Videos

You might be thinking that dressing like a ghetto chick in one of the rap videos is not your thing. That’s ok. They are not the only women in music and videos you know. Think about the women that guys actually listen to. Ask some of the guys you know what female singers are hot and what women in videos have caught your eye. You’re sure to come up with some ideas from that.

Men’s Magazines

You can’t skip men’s magazines when you’re looking for ideas for fantasy costumes. They are full of ideas! From the advertising to the articles to the “true confessions” you’re bound to find some great ideas for costumes that you have never thought of.

The truth is that once you get used to looking for costume ideas they will jump out at you in every experience you have and many conversations. When you are on the lookout for costume ideas it soon becomes a way of thinking and pretty soon you will have more ideas than you can come up with.

And don’t forget to come right out and ask. You don’t have to tell them why you are asking but most men are more than willing to tell a girl what their fantasy is. Some of their fantasies are going to be ones you have heard of many times before but keep asking different people (in different ways of course – you don’t want people to start thinking you’re writing a book; or maybe you do) and you’re bound to come up with some fantasy costume ideas for dancers that you never would have thought of on your own!

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