Rhode Island Dolls Dancers – Not Damsels In Distress

A lot of guys like to “save” a beautiful woman from her life. They like to believe that if they “save” her, she will be indebted to him for a long time. A lot of men think they can do that with strippers, like the ones at Rhode Island Dolls.

Hollywood likes to perpetuate the myth that women want or need to be saved. Movies like “Pretty Woman” where the female star of the movie is a prostitute and the male lead comes in and save her from her life, make some men think that this is what it expected of them. The truth is that sometimes we do “save” each other from aspects of our lives – both men and women can be the saviors – but just because a woman is a dancer at a gentlemen’s club, it does not mean that she is in need of saving.

If you’re looking for a damsel in distress that needs and wants to be saved, you’re not likely to find her at Rhode Island Dolls. The fact of the matter is that most of the women that dance there are strong and independent and completely able to take care of themselves. If they wanted to be “saved” they likely would have already found someone to “save” them. But they didn’t want to be saved. They have “saved” themselves.

Some of them don’t even feel that they need to be saved from anything. They chose the job of exotic dancer because they like to dance! They like their lives and they are consciously choosing their own lifestyle. So, for them, there’s nothing to be saved from!

If a dancer at a club like RI Dolls acts like she is a damsel in distress, try to remember that is likely just part of her act. The dancers put on a mask, an outfit, or accessories to become part of a different persona. It’s like acting. They become who you want them to become. It helps them make money at their jobs and if they are good at it, they make more money – and that makes it important for them to be believable.

Becoming a damsel in distress is part of many adult fantasies. Many men like to feel like the big strong savior that swoops in and rescues the beautiful woman from the job she hates, the big bad ex-boyfriend, or the life of poverty. They feel more masculine and they feel like they’ve accomplished something. The damsel in distress is just a role though. It’s all part of the fantasy role that girls in the adult industry play to make a guy feel awesome. And you can enjoy that – you can enjoy the game while you’re in the club. But don’t for one minute think that she actually expects you to rescue her from anything.

If anything, dancers like the ones you find at Rhode Island Dolls are some of the strongest and smartest women that you’ll ever meet. They have gotten past the stereotypes to find jobs that they love. They support themselves. And many of them are even married or have boyfriends. They have children and hobbies and things they like to do and their jobs at the strip club just happens to give them the money they need to be able to do that.

Many of them have already saved themselves from situations that would blow you mind. They’ve saved themselves from living in a bad neighborhood, from living with men that didn’t treat them well, and from situations where they weren’t happy. If they don’t want to be dancers anymore, they will find a way to find new careers. They don’t need to be saved by you.

So, just remember that gentlemen’s clubs like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI are a place where fantasies are indulged. If it is your fantasy to “save” someone, you can play the role of the savior, but don’t think for a minute that any of the women there actually need saving. You can play a role and the dancers will play into the fantasy but they have no intention of running away with you to live in your castle on the hills. Whatever your fantasy is, enjoy it if the dancers are willing to play into it. But don’t expect them to quit their job, move in with you, and be your little princess who is forever thankful for being saved. That’s not going to happen.

And above all – treat the dancers like people, not like damsels in distress!