Rhode Island Dolls Dancers – Use Body Language To Make More Money

Whether you are a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls because you love dancing or love people or just like the kind of money you can make, you want to do well. Money does pay the bills so you need to make sure that you are investing your time wisely and that every shift counts. One of the ways you can make the most money from each shift is by using body language.

Your body language says a lot about you and professionals in all industries know that it can either draw customers in or it can send them away to another business – or in your case, to another dancer.

Customers are more comfortable approaching a dancer that looks like they are happy with what they are doing. They will be more likely to ask for a lap dance if you appear open, eager, and friendly. If you seem like you are just there to get it done and over with, customers will be less likely to ask you for those extras that pay the bills. You will get less lap dances and less private dance requests. You may even have less customers at the stage, which mean less tips for you.

So, what kind of body language can you use to encourage customers to approach you and make more money for each shift that you work?

#1 Smile

This is one of the most important things you can do. Smile. It’s not hard to do. A smile makes you more approachable. A smile tells people that you are happy to be where you are. A smile makes them more comfortable. If you’re having a bad day and having a hard time working up a smile, take some time before your shift to think about something that does make you happy. Think about your children or the man in your life that makes you happy. Think about the vacation you’re going to be able to take with the money you save. Think about the vacation you were on. Find something that makes you feel that warm feeling inside and use that.

#2 Stand Up Straight

Someone that stands up straight gives the impression of confidence. If you slouch, you look sad and people may feel sorry for you. That is not something you want your customers to feel. You want them to look at you and think that you are happy to be there and that you love your job. That will make them more likely to approach you for a lap dance or a private dance. It doesn’t come easy for everyone so make sure that you practice standing up straight in your everyday life, too. When you walk down the street, hold your shoulders up, press them back and feel yourself looking taller. When you’re at the grocery store or the bank, stand up straight! You may notice that people will start treating you differently in the other parts of your life, too.

#3 Make Eye Contact

It’s much harder to approach someone, no matter what it is for, if they can’t even make eye contact with you. It’s especially more difficult to approach someone when you are at a club if they don’t meet your gaze. People who don’t make eye contact are often considered to be shifty. People think that those who will not look them in they eye are hiding something. So, if you work as a dancer at a club like RI Dolls, you want to make sure your customers feel like they can trust you – with their money and with their words. That means making eye contact. You don’t’ have to stare anyone down. Just look around the room and if you see someone looking at you, meet their eyes and smile. Then you can move on. If they want a private dance or something else, they’ll be more comfortable about approaching you.

These three little things seem very simple but they can make a big difference in how successful you are as a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls. People who go to strip clubs are not always used to the atmosphere. If you are approachable and show it by standing up straight, smiling, and making eye contact, they will be much more comfortable and they will be much more likely to approach you.

Even if these things don’t come to you naturally, you can practice them wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You don’t have to be the prettiest girl in the room to catch the attention of customers if you have good body language.