Rhode Island Dolls Dancers – What Should You Do with Your Hair?

When you are a dancer at a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, everything you do matters and everything you do can increase your income. You get more fans and money increases – it’s quite simple. And what you do with your hair is worth considering when you are an exotic dancer. If you pay attention to your hair and it looks good, you feel good. When you feel good, you perform better. When you have confidence, it attracts clients and you will get more tips.

The truth is that most men love long hair, so keeping your hair long should be worth considering. It’s not the only option though. There are a range of styles that are great for dancers at strip clubs.

Long, Messy Bed Head

There’s a certain appeal to keeping your hair long and letting it do its thing, naturally. Some call this bed head. Not everyone can pull this off though. You have to have the right cut and the right type of hair. If your hair is thick and tends to stick out all over the place if you don’t give it lots of attention, you should likely go with another style. But if your hair is soft and fine and manages to fall right without a lot of product, give this one a try. It works best with hair that is longer and past the shoulders.

To give this style the best chance of looking good, you do actually need to put some thought and time into it. Let your hair dry almost completely – it should still be slightly damn. Then put in the big Velcro curlers and give it a spray with some good hair spray. Let your hair finish drying naturally with the curlers in. When it is dry, take the curlers out and use your fingers to comb it out. Give it another spray, give your head a shake, and you’re ready to go.

Straight and Sleek

If you have longer hair, the straight look is very sexy. It takes some time but with some practice it is not hard to achieve. Just use a flat iron to straighten your hair. It’s best to do this in layers so that all of your hair gets straightened properly. Once you’re done, just give it a spray.

If you’re hair tends to frizz in damp conditions, this probably isn’t the style for you.


Hate having your hair in your face while you dance? There are lots of sexy up-styles that you can experiment with. If you want a youthful, girly look, try a simple pony tail. This is great if you’re going for a cheerleader look or a sweet girl next door look. If you want something a little sexier, pull some tendrils out of the pony tail to hang down the sides of your face. For more sophisticated looks, there are many stylish up-dos that you can try. With a bit of practice you can braid or twist your hair in to sexy styles that make dancing a little easier.

Short Hair

As mentioned previously, short hair is not out of the realm of possibilities. There are always men that love short and cute hair styles. Short hair can make you look more youthful or rebellious or wild and crazy. Bobs are a good middle of the road short hair cut because you can still get some flow and make your hair move around. Shorter styles like pixie cuts are simple and require little work. Spiky, layer cuts are fun and funky. You can add different colors for variety. You can also use hair extensions if you want a temporary new look. Or try hats and headbands to change up your style.

The most important thing to consider with your hair style is that it makes you feel good. You should feel confident and love your look and that will make you more confident. Men love confident women that are happy with their appearance. Find a look that is flattering to your face shape and type of hair. If you’re not sure what to do, talk to a hair stylist. Add a sexy outfit to your great hairstyle and you’re going to be a winner.

Another consideration to take note of when it comes to hair is upkeep. No matter what kind of hair you have, you should get it trimmed regularly. Split ends are never sexy – ever! Finding a great hair stylist that understands your hair and what you want can be a life saver!