Rhode Island Dolls Hump Day Buffet Makes The Week Go By Faster

humpday-buffetIf you work in an office you know how long the week can seem. It feels like it just goes on forever and ever. But when you have something to look forward to in the middle of the week, it seems to go buy a lot faster, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly why you should stop by Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on a Wednesday. Take a break from your work day, grab some of the guys, and head over to Rhode Island Dolls for the Hump Day Buffet. It’s on every Wednesday from 12 noon to 1:30 PM and it is sure to make your day much better. And I’ll bet it will make the weekend feel like it is coming that much faster, too.

The Hump Day Buffet at RI Dolls includes a selection of tasty hot foods prepared by our excellent chefs. There are salads to make it healthy, too (because your wife always asks what you ate right?). When you leave you’ll be filled up and ready to face the rest of your week.

But don’t forget that there’s some great entertainment, too. The Rhode Island Dolls dancers are always around to give you something to occupy your mind. Trust me when I tell you that if you know that on Wednesday you’re going to have a chance to eat a great meal and hang around some beautiful ladies, your week is going to zoom by!

If you’ve been having an especially hard week and just need to get away from the office, don’t be afraid to keep this as your little secret. You can skip out of work a little early and get to Rhode Island Dolls just in time to be first in line for the buffet. Maybe have a drink (not too much though because you still have to get back to work!) and enjoy your meal. Then, if you really need a pick me up – get a private dance from one of our dolls. It doesn’t take too much time but it sure can lift your mood when you get the one on one attention of one of our dancers. That moment in time will remove you from your work and all the stress that you left at the office. It’s better than a massage and certainly a lot better than taking a walk! When you head back to the office you’ll have your favorite doll’s face and smile on your mind and life will just feel better.

On the other hand, maybe you like to bring some company with you. Bring your best co-worker buddies, your office wife, or even the boss. Rhode Island Dolls is a great place to sit back and have a good chat about the weekend games or whatever is on your mind. Leave the office at the office though. This is supposed to be stress free. Unless the boss is with you of course. Then you talk about whatever he or she wants to talk about. Hopefully, whatever topic they bring up will be a little easier to take when you are surrounded by sexy dolls.

Rhode Island Dolls is a class joint and it is not the kind of place you need to hide from your friends or co-workers. It’s a place where everyone feels at home and everyone is relaxed. That’s why it is a great place to go for lunch in the middle of the week. Everyone needs a bit of down time.

If you enjoy your Hump Day Buffet, you might want to come back on the weekend with your buddies. That’s when things get really heated up. You don’t have to be professional and you can relax even more knowing that the office is far away and you can be yourself. You can get a little wild and crazy, have some drinks (take a cab or have a designated driver please!), and get as many lap dances and private dances as you please. Friday and Saturday nights are a wild time at Rhode Island Dolls. And if you don’t have a chance to come by on Friday or Saturday, stop by Sunday evening after 6 PM. At least you can end the weekend right and then head off to work on Monday morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the week head on.

Rhode Island Dolls is a great place to be any time of the day or week – that’s the bottom line. But you won’t want to miss out on our Hump Day Buffet. It’s just too delish!