Rhode Island Dolls Is A Great Place For Doctors To Unwind

DancerI’m a doctor and I see a lot of shit all day long. Sometimes literal shit but mostly just really hard to see, traumatic type of stuff. I’m an oncologist so most of what I see my patients going through isn’t very good.

Today was a good day though. One of my long-time cancer patients is now cancer free. After several surgeries and a few rounds of chemotherapy, I am beyond thrilled to be able to tell her that she will live a long and happy life. I’m so happy that I can hardly control myself. I have to go celebrate. As my mind wanders about where I should go and what I should do to celebrate this great news, I find myself daydreaming about celebrating at Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club.

My friend and I drive straight to Woonsocket, RI after work. It only takes me about a half hour to get to RI Dolls strip club. Since we’re coming right from work, we are both still dressed in our scrubs and white doctor’s coat. I just hope they let us in, since we’re not dressed in regular street clothes. At the same time, I’m secretly hoping wearing our doctors’ coats will give us an advantage with the fine ladies at the club!

John and I walk through the doors early enough that we didn’t have to pay a cover. With smiles on our faces a mile wide, we take a seat and order a drink and an appetizer. I can’t keep my eyes to myself. There are so many gorgeous women walking around, they take all my attention. I especially like the Doll dancing on stage. Her long, brown, wavy hair looked so soft and bouncy. Her complexion was flawless. But her legs are what really turned me on. They were so tight and smooth. Before I knew it, my drink was gone and it was time to order another.

I took my glass of whiskey to the stage so I could see the stripper better. I put a few bucks in front of me, so she’d know I want her to come closer to where I was sitting. She spotted my cash and crawled on her hands and knees until she was in front of me, and then she meowed like a kitten. She leaned in and whispered in my ear that the kitty wanted me to put the tip between her breasts. So I folded a dollar bill the long way and did what she said. She meowed again and blew me a kiss before crawling over to another man to collect his tip.She only left the scent of cherries behind.

As I sit here and watch the pretty little stripper-kitty perform, I think to myself that there is no better way to celebrate happy news than to be at RI Dolls with all these amazing exotic dancers. A smile is contagious because not only am I smiling, but so isn’t the pretty server delivering my third beverage, this time a Sam Adams. John is also sitting next to me smiling as we chat about our day at the hospital. And when I glance up at the kitty still dancing on the stage, she has a sexy little grin on her face, too.

I am sad to see the brown-haired kitty strut off the stage, but now a red-haired raven is in her place. I sit up straighter and lean in closer to the show. I make sure John is watching too, because I have a feeling that this is going to be a performance to remember. With one swing around the pole, this stripper has me in her trance. I’ve never seen anyone who can dance on a pole like that. This Doll can defy gravity! In between her pole moves, she removes an article of clothing in typically stripper fashion.

I swallow as each garment hits the floor and more perfect skin is revealed. Before I know it, she’s naked and upside-down on the pole, with her legs sticking out on each side. She’s holding herself up with one hand. I love watching her tight muscles ripple as she goes through her dance routine. This is one girl who knows how to take care of herself. She has amazing biceps, which I point out to John after he gets back from a private dance. Okay, the rest of her body was pretty fine, too.

The phone rings and I snap back into reality. It’s John, asking me if I had any plans for tonight. I tell him that I was just going to call him and ask if he wanted to go to RI Dolls after work with me. I’m glad he said yes, because this is one fantasy I’d like to make a reality.