Rhode Island Dolls is a Great Place to Find Shelter from the Winter Weather

Rhode Island Dolls Red Head FantasyAnyone who lives in Woonsocket, Rhode Island knows that it can be cold here! The wind can be insane and when you mix it with freezing temperatures, it’s not much fun. The snow falls and it can go from a decent day to a snowstorm in a matter of minutes.

If you find yourself in some wintery weather and not ready to go home, RI Dolls gentlemen’s club is a great place to warm up and wait out some bad weather. When the snow starts to fall, make a mad dash for the club and you’ll soon find yourself hoping the bad weather won’t end!

Just imagine…

The snow is falling. The guy on the weather channel says there’s a lot of snow coming. There could even be electrical outages.

So, you head to Rhode Island Dolls so you don’t have to wait out the storm alone.

You peel off your thick coat and warm hat, then slide into a chair at an empty table near the stage. You want to be able to see the action, but not have to be right there in the middle of it. You rubbed your hands together to generate some heat as you decide on your first drink. A nice glass of scotch on the rocks will warm you up from the inside out, so that’s what you order first.

As “Pour Some Sugar On Me” starts streaming from what seems like thin air, you suddenly find yourself in strip-club mode. Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out a small wad of cash and flip through it until you find the big bills. You take out just enough to cover a lap dance and tip, and put the rest of the money back into your pocket. Then you look around the club to find your first stripper. That’s when you see her…

A Latin beauty catches your eye from across the room. Her bronze skin is smooth and shiny. Her thick, long hair is as black as the midnight sky. Her plump lips are covered with a shimmer of pink gloss. But it’s her legs that really turned you on. They are long and sleek, with the perfect amount of muscle tone. You wish she was yours to take home and cuddle up with on a cold night like this one.

You continue to look at the Latin bombshell until she notices you and you wave to her so she knows you are interested. A couple of minutes later, she is sitting on your lap chatting away. She smells like green apples. You talk about the storm ravishing the land around you. Then you aske for a dance.

You don’t even know the song playing in the club at that moment, and it doesn’t matter anyway. Your full attention is on the stripper taking her clothes off in front of you. First, she slips one strap of her gown down over her silky shoulder. Then she reachs across her voluptuous chest and pushes the other shoulder strap down. With a sexy little shimmy, the dancer’s gown spills down her body and lands in a pile around her red stilettos. She steps out of the dress, spreads your knees apart to make room for her to stand, and then begins gyrating her hips.

Since you planned to be at the club for a while, you decid to pace yourself. So when that dance is over, you go back to your table and order another scotch. But, it isn’t long before you see another Doll who you HAVE to get a dance with. She’s an exotic goddess. Her long and wavy brown hair tumbles down her back like a silky waterfall. Her tan skin is flawless. The lights flicker as the weight of the snow takes its toll on the power lines outside. That is the only sign of the big storm wreaking havoc outside the club. At the same time, your heart skips a beat because of this stripper’s beauty. If you could have any girl in the club, this was the one you’d choose.

The exotic goddess has a dance move where she stands on the balls of her feet and does a variation of “The Twist” where she points her toes in toward each other, and then out to the sides. At the same time, she’s spreading her knees open, and then closes them again. In that small instant that her toes are pointed out to the sides and her knees are open, you saw a glimmer of paradise.

Before you know it, you hear that the roads are clear and you decide it’s time to make the trek home. You give your favorite exotic stripper one last tip for showing you such a good time, and then you bundle up in your thick winter coat and hat and head home.