Rhode Island Dolls Is My Personal Safe Place

Well Dressed Man at Rhode Island DollsThere are some days when I just can’t take life anymore and I need an escape. I fight with my wife. The kids are making me crazy, and my boss seems to think I should be available 24/7. Sometimes I need to get away from it all so I can come back and love my wife and kids and deal with my boss without losing my mind.

I go to RI Dolls gentleman’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It’s not too far from my house, and I would get to be surrounded by beautiful women who will never raise their voice to me. It’s the perfect place to go to get away from my wife and my entire life, for one night at least.

As I’m thinking about RI Dolls, I start fantasizing about being there. I’m sitting at the edge of the stage watching a hot chick with a white lace bra and panties swing around a pole. With every sip of my beer, I feel a little bit of my stress disappearing. My leg is bouncing to the music. And I’m eating some amazing fried raviolis.

I look around to check out all the different strippers working tonight. I spot a few that I’d love to get a lap dance from. One girl is wearing a blue dress with silver rhinestones. Her light chestnut hair goes just past her shoulders, and I get a shiver every time she pushes her bangs to the side. Then there’s the blonde with short hair and a fire-engine red dress. She looks like a wild one. Oh, and that girl over there, with the pink mini skirt and diamond earrings. She looks so sweet and innocent, but I can tell she’s a little naughty. And man, do those legs go on for miles. I guess you could say I have a wide range of taste in women. Actually, I love all women!

Just being here and looking at the girls dancing and having fun I’m reminded that women aren’t always bitchy. I need to see a girl’s pleasant side. I wave to the Doll with the little pink skirt on, and she starts walking over to me. I keep my eyes on her until she’s standing in front of me. She tells me her name is Jenna, and then sits down on my lap. She is just as sweet as I thought she’d be. I tell her I want to call her Sugar. She giggles and says that she likes it when guys give her a special name. We talk a little bit more as I finished my beer. Then I ask her for a lap dance.

When the dance is over, Jenna mentions that she’s going on stage soon, but she’ll be back later to check on me. This is a performance I don’t want to miss. Luckily, the seat I was sitting at before is still empty, so I slide right into it and order another beer. As one girl takes a bow and saunters off the sage, I recognize the beat of a Metallica song. Next thing I know, the chick with the red dress and short blonde hair is coming out onto the stage. Bonus!!

I watch Blondie prance around the stage, showing off her sexy body with some amazing dance moves. She is teasing the audience by pulling the top of her dress up and down, before finally letting the entire thing tumble to the floor. She had matching red undies on, and nothing else. She is mesmerizing the guys sitting around the stage, which is now covered in dollar bills. This girl is really good!

I can actually hear the entire club get quieter as everyone focuses their attention on Blondie rocking the stage. I didn’t even notice that a new song came on, because I can’t get over hot she is. I can see every muscle in her tight stomach, and her strong calves are amazing. There’s not an ounce of fat on her arms. This girl really takes care of her self, and it shows. Jenna was good, but this is the girl I want to get a lap dance with next.

Blondie’s performance is over, and now the DJ is announcing my Sugar’s name: Jenna. Just as I though, Sugar isn’t disappointing me. Just watching her smile while stripping on stage is enough to renew my faith in women. I don’t know how things will turn out at home, but I do know that whenever I get the need to bolt, I can come to Rhode Island Dolls. Sugar will be here, and all my stress will melt away.