Rhode Island Dolls Is The Perfect Place For A Solo Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can really suck when you’re a single guy. Everyone else is out doing something special with their girlfriends and wives and you’re stuck going solo! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not only do you not have to be alone but you can spend Valentine’s Day with some of the most beautiful women!

You can go to RI Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. At least that’s what I plan to do. My buddy and I are the only ones in our group of friends without a girlfriend or wife, so February 14th is usually just another average day for us. Can you imagine how awesome it will be for my buddy Craig and I to spend our Valentine’s Day with a bunch of hot and sexy erotic dancers? I can….

I can picture it now: Craig and I would be dressed in a nice shirt, pants, and dress shoes. We’d pull up in a sleek red Lamborghini. As we get out of the car and pass the keys to the valet parking attendant, four hot babes would come running over to us and link their arms with ours. Our four new stripper friends brought us over to the best table in the house. Then, a beautiful waitress with long brown curls came over with a chilled bottle of champagne and poured a glass for each of us. We ate some delicious food and had fun talking. But, all the eye candy walking around quickly curbed our appetite for food and instead we were craving scantily clad women.

Craig and I both paid for a lap dance with our two companions. But what made this lap dance so hot was not only did the strippers dance for me and tease me at their whim, they got all hot with each other. My favorite part of this whole fantasy lap dance was when I imagined both erotic dancers making out with each other while sitting on my lap. Picture two flaming hot chicks making out with you only inches from your own face. As soon as I saw their tongues touch and glide off each other, I was afraid my pants would bust open.

I got thirsty, so when the second song was over I ordered a stronger drink. Then, Craig and I walked over to the main stage to watch the show. With our pockets stuffed with dollar bills, we were ready for more action. We watched the headliner slink around a silver pole like a snake on a branch. When she climbed the pole and then flipped upside down, I was amazed. I think my mouth hit the table. I pulled out some bills and put them on the stage in front of me. The exotic dancer crawled over to me on her hands and knees, and she had a sexy look in her eyes. She sat up and put her hands, one at a time, on the sides of my head. Then she pulled me forward so that I could smell her beautiful girly scent. Then, she pushed my head back and flipped her body around. The next thing I knew, she was leaning over so her beautiful bottom was sticking out towards my face. Then she pointed to her g-string and told me to pay her. So I put a couple bucks in between her g-string and her hip and she patted it and gave me the most amazing smile. Heading back towards the pole, she reached behind and slowly dragged the dollars from her hip and then inserted them into the pink and white garter that circled around her smooth thigh.

A knock on the door zapped me back into reality. It was Craig picking me up to go to the bar. I can’t wait to tell him my plans for us for Valentine’s Day this year.  I know that sometimes my fantasies get a little bit carried away and that it is not likely to go exactly like that but I know from previous experiences that it’s always a good time at Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club.  And on special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, the girls always make an extra effort to make single guys feel special.  Trust me when I tell you that there’s no better place to be than Rhode Island Dolls on a holiday when you don’t have a girlfriend!