Rhode Island Dolls is the Perfect Place to Celebrate My New Job

In my family, the men all celebrate major milestones, from birthdays to surviving open heart surgery, at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. I went there with my dad and grandpa and uncle on my 21st birthday and I was there with them all the day my little brother got engaged. And the day his divorce was final, too.

It just seemed natural that when I got the dream job of my life, I would call my friends and family to come and celebrate with me at Rhode Island Dolls.

It made sense that I was going to invite my best friends to join me there, but I also decided to invite some of my new co-workers. There were certain people at my new job that I wanted to get close to because from day one I was thinking about how I was going to work my way up in the company. I wanted this to be a career, not just a job.

I started on Monday and by the time Thursday rolled around, I had picked out a few people that I thought would be beneficial to become buddies with. I had some conversations with them first to make sure that they were the kind of guys that would enjoy a place like RI Dolls. When I was satisfied with the conversations, I casually mentioned that Friday after work, I would be meeting a few friends to celebrate.

When the said they would love to join us and asked where, I told them it was at Rhode Island Dolls and their faces lit up. I knew I’d chosen the right guys.

We all met up at the club Friday night after work. Of course, we were all famished. Some of the guys from my new job had been there before, but none of them knew that Rhode Island Dolls has such an amazing menu. It’s honestly one of my favorite places to eat. We all ordered a big pile of food – steaks and burgers and pizzas, and a bunch of appetizers. My old friends met my new friends and one of my old friends actually ended up getting a job at the same company as me because of that night.

After we finished eating, a bunch of us moved up to the stage. Some of the guys had to go home but the ones that stayed were ready to party!

We watched the dancers and tipped them well. We got a little bit rowdy but the dancers didn’t mind too much because we weren’t hurting anyone and we kept our hands to ourselves. We knew how to behave.

Eventually some of the guys started getting lap dances and private dances. I knew which of the guys from the office were going to be most useful in helping me to move up in the company so I made sure that I had some money set aside to get them a lap dance or a private dance.

There was lots of talking going on that night, too. I did spend time with my old friends but I spent lots of time with my new work friends and I think that made a big difference for me.

Back on the job, it didn’t take long before I was asked to join a team. Teams are where you really get to work on learning new skills. While I came to the company with my own set of skills, I was able to learn things that I could never have learned just from reading a manual. I got to work with some of the best minds in the company and it didn’t take long before people in the business learned that I was a go getter.

Rhode Island Dolls is a great place for building rapport. It’s casual so you get to learn things about the company that you might not learn in the work environment. People talk when they are relaxed. I learned which teams I wanted to get on and which teams I didn’t. I learned who had the real skills that I could learn from. I learned who in the company actually had the ability to influence and who didn’t. Those kinds of things can take a long time to pick up and if you don’t pay attention you can miss them.

I’d say that having my new job celebration at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket was one of the best things I ever did for my career.