Rhode Island Dolls Lifts Me Up When I’m Down

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately. A couple of months ago my company downsized and I got laid off. I’ve been having a hard time finding another job. I guess my girlfriend didn’t like that very much because a month after getting laid off she broke up with me! I went kinda dark after that. I stayed home and didn’t even look for work for weeks because I just didn’t care. I didn’t go out with anyone. I just stayed home and binge watched a lot of Netflix. That’s not good for anyone.

Then my smart friends stepped in. They knew that I needed something spectacular to lift me up and out of my doldrums. They said they were taking me to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. I said I wouldn’t go at first. They kept bugging me though. After a couple days, the seed had been planted in my brain and I started to think about the good times we had there in the past.

The guys can get pretty rowdy when we’re all together and having a few drinks, but I think a strip club can handle us. I know John will want a lap dance as soon as we walk in, but I imagine we’d have some dinner first. I’ve heard that the food at RI Dolls is amazing, so I’d probably order something nice, like the 8 oz. Filet Mignon. I’d also get a dry martini to start off with. I can taste it now. Yummm! Oh, don’t forget the extra olives.

After we eat, I’d like to move closer to the stage so I can get a good view of the sexy stripers. I’ve also heard that there are girls that come around and give you a massage while you’re watching the dance show. I’ll definitely save some money for a massage. Sitting by the stage with a beer in my hand and a hot chick massaging my shoulders would definitely lift my spirits. It would be even better if I also had a Doll sitting on my lap at the same time.

After enjoying the show on the main stage, I’ll be ready for a lap dance. But if the guys really want to lift my spirits, they should take me into the VIP lounge. This more intimate setting will definitely make me happier. If I go into the VIP area I know it will be awesome. I’ve dreamed about this before and it’s always the same. I walk in and a bunch of exotic dancers surround me, and they are all vying for my attention. I sit down on a nice couch, a few girls sit on either side of me, and we shoot the shit for a couple minutes. Then “Pour Some Sugar On Me” comes through the speakers and I ask the girls for a dance. I want them all to dance for me.

The girls start out slow by posing and showing off their hot bodies. Then, they strip down and the show really starts. One girl kneels next to me on the couch and flirts with me by twirling my hair and whispering in my ear. Her huge breasts are only centimeters from my face. Another girl is grinding into my crotch like we were the last two people on Earth. A third girl was standing in front of me dancing provocatively. And a fourth girl was on the other side of me bent over the arm of the couch talking to my buddy, with her ass practically rubbing against my arm.

All this visual stimulation had me smiling from ear to ear. I could also smell the exotic dancers’ sweet floral perfume in the air, which was mixed with the scent of fruity shampoo. The combination of sight and smell got me really turned on. As the song was ending, I wasn’t ready for my encounter with the 4 strippers to end, and with a nod to my friend he paid for another dance.

For the second song, the girls changed it up a little and I had one naked babe sitting on each leg, one dancing in front of me, and one giving me a shoulder massage. I didn’t mind at all when my masseuse’s breast bumped up against me, or when the girls on my lap would press up against my crotch. It made the whole experience even better. I’d love to have a third dance if this is really what it’s like in the VIP lounge, but I couldn’t ask my friends to pay for another one.

But just like any daydream, it has to end. Whenever I come back to reality after a dream like this, I’m wicked horny. Luckily, I have a wife who loves having sex. And after a great fantasy like the one I just had at Rhode Island Dolls, not only are my spirits lifted, but I know it’s going to be a good night for my wife and I.