Rhode Island Dolls Party Before I’m Deployed

It’s been great being at home and seeing my friends and family but I got the word today that I’ll be deployed again. I’m good with that. It’s my life and I love serving my country. I love knowing that the work that I do – where ever I happen to get sent – will help keep my country and the people I love free and safe.

My buddies and I have started a tradition. When one of us gets deployed, everyone else sends him off with a big party at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Some of us are business men and others are part of the overseas life. But we all support each other. The last time I was deployed we had a great time. All my best friends came out for the night and a lot of my family came, too. My sister even came and she’d never been to a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls before and she loved it. Of course, she cried at the end of the night because she’d had a few drinks and she was going to miss me and worry about me. For most of the night though, the dancers, the food, and the good times helped us all forget that I would be away for a long time.

I’m looking forward to my special night at RI Dolls this year. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and how I would like it to play out.

We’ll all dress nice and meet at RI Dolls in time for dinner. I know I’ll order something awesome, like the filet mignon and a side of shrimp cocktail. We never go cheap when we spend the night at RI Dolls. I will enjoy every last morsel because it will be a long time before I eat a piece of meat that tender again. We’ll order our favorite drinks, and cap it off with dessert. But we know that’s not the only dessert we’ll be indulging in tonight.

Yeah, we’re watching the fine ladies cruising the floor. While we eat our amazing dinner, we see the hottest ladies in the state of Rhode Island. We are all looking for the stripper who we think is the finest– the one we want to get a lap dance from. I spot mine almost instantly. When my eyes met hers, I knew she was the erotic dancer for me.

I’m going to call her Bridget, because she looked like a Celtic goddess. She had long and curly red hair, and tiny freckles splattered across her nose. Her emerald green costume makes her green eyes stand out like beacons in an ocean storm. Okay, yeah, that’s a little corny, but we won’t be in the company of women for a few months, so we might as well make this time at RI Dolls nice and sappy.

Since our gazes met, she turned slightly and waved goodbye to the person she was talking to. Now she’s walking towards me. Her pale skin is flawless, and her lips are plump and rosy. Her slender arms have shallow curves in all the right places. And her booty, DAMN! That booty is high and firm, and even better than what you’d expect to see on a goddess. I’ve hit the jackpot because even this girl’s feet are gorgeous. It didn’t take long for all the other guys to choose a Doll from the crowd and set up a lap dance.

Then one of the guys has the idea to get the VIP room for a while. It will be like our own private party in there.

We will all be drinking champagne in fancy glasses. I’m feeling like I’m on top of the world. I know we’ll all have a few more lap dances with these hot strippers. There are so many sexy ladies at RI Dolls, and I want to have all of them dance for me at least once.

My buddies and I will stay until RI Dolls gentleman’s club closes, and then all go back to Joe’s to crash. Although, if this visit to RI Dolls was anything like the last, we won’t be going to sleep right away. We’re going to be knocking on our girl’s doors for a little sumthin’ sumthin, into the wee hours of the morning.