Rhode Island Dolls – Stripper Daydreams

Rhode Island Stripper DaydreamsI’ve been going to Rhode Island Dolls for awhile now. It’s my stress relief. The girls are all so nice and it is a place where I can completely relax, have a few drinks, and enjoy a good show. And yes, sometimes I get a good conversation, too.

You see, my life is so busy with work that I don’t have a lot of time for meeting girls. I don’t have much time to put the effort into dating. But I do like women. And someday, I’d like to meet a sexy lady that I can have a good conversation with and some frisky fun. But until then, I enjoy the company of the strippers at RI Dolls.

Just thinking about my favorite girl helps me relax.

Like last week, I was having a horrible day. My boss was at me about a project deadline and that wasn’t the only deadline I was working on. I was getting kind of anxious and I knew I wasn’t going to get any work done if I didn’t calm down.

So, I decided it was time for a break and I went for a little walk. The area around my building is pretty secluded. There’s not a lot of traffic or people around so I can really get lost in my thoughts. And when I’m walking and needing some time to unwind and calm down, the thing I like to think about most is my favorite stripper at Rhode Island Dolls. I try to catch most of her shows when I can.

Now this girl is a beauty and just thinking about her makes me feel more relaxed. She’s got long dark hair and eyes the color of the midnight sky. She always makes me feel special by looking right at me while she dances or while we are talking. And she’s got a beautiful body. Curvy in all the right places. When she moves on that stage and works the pole, there’s not a guy in the room that hasn’t got his eyes on her.

As I walk, I daydream about watching one of her shows. She’s up on the stage and she’s wearing that cute nurse costume that I love. I have to say, I have a bit of a thing for ladies in a uniform and nurse uniforms are one of my favorites. The dress is short and just skims the top of her thighs and she’s wearing white stockings with a garter belt. Then she’s got those knee high white boots with the high heels that I just don’t know how she manages to dance in. She’s got to be really coordinated.

She dances around the pole and she has these moves that really just put me in awe. She’s really flexible. And then, as she looks me right in the eyes, she starts to peel off that dress and the white lacy bra and panties set that she has on is just amazing. And her skin! I love how soft that olive skin looks. I think about touching her sometimes but then I remember she’s not my girlfriend or anything so I don’t. But I can imagine!

After dance routine, she almost always comes to chat with me for a bit. She lets me talk about my day at work and I feel so much better. She is empathetic and kind and she always has a beautiful smile for me. As I daydream about that smile I can feel the tension slipping away from my body and I know I’m going to make it through the rest of the day. I know that soon I’ll get to go to RI Dolls and see her dance for real and hear her voice again and it is all I can do not to take off for the club right now.

But I’ve got work to do and I’m much more relaxed now. I headed back inside and got my work done. Isn’t it amazing how thinking about the right person can just calm your nerves and help you get focused on the task at hand? The girls at Rhode Island Dolls are such sweet ladies. They have great skills on the stage but they are just genuinely nice people, too.