Tips for Lap Dancing at Home

Rhode Island Dolls Home Lap Dancing TipsA lot of people get embarrassed about lap dances – women are embarrassed about doing the dance and men often are too embarrassed to ask their ladies to give them a lap dance. Usually men go to clubs like RI Dolls where they can enjoy a lap dance without any potential embarrassment for themselves or their ladies.

There are some important things to think about here. First, ladies aren’t the only ones who can give a lap dance, gentlemen, and they do enjoy getting one occasionally from the man in their life. Second, lap dancing should not be something that is embarrassing, especially when it is between a couple. Third, RI Dolls is a great place to learn all about lap dancing.

Not Just the Ladies

Every man loves a lap dance but many women would love to have their man perform a dance for them! If you want your lady to give you a lap dance, and you know that she doesn’t know how, then help her learn. While visiting RI Dolls, pay close attention to what the beautiful dolls do. When you get home, show her what you like. She will remember and she’ll be happy that you showed her. You’ll be happy because it’s sure to be something that will come back to reward you.

Avoid Embarrassment

Now, you might think that your girl has no idea that when you go to a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls that you get lap dances. She knows and she lets you because she probably feels like she can’t dance nearly as well or in the way that you like. And if you go and ask her to, you’ll be putting her on the spot where she’ll have even more trouble doing a lap dance for you.

Lap dances should be fun! Let her know that you would love for her to give you a lap dance but that she doesn’t have to. Make sure she understands that you love her, and that you don’t care if she doesn’t look just like the dolls at RI Dolls. Tell her that you don’t mind if she’s not dressed up in a costume or if she does a perfect lap dance.

This will allow her to feel more confident – and confident is sexy! Encourage that confidence and you will encourage her to relax more and try giving you a lap dance. If she doesn’t get it perfect, don’t allow her to get upset. Tell her you love her for trying and laugh it off together. Eventually, she’ll most likely gain the confidence to not only be able to give you a lap dance regularly and become very good at them, but also to try new things like costumes or adding music.

Check Out the Dolls

If you don’t feel comfortable showing your girl how you like a lap dance to be, or if you think she’d just learn better from someone else, then you can always take her along with you when you go to RI Dolls. This might seem like a bad idea, but as long as you talk about it and both agree, then it can be something that will actually bring you closer, as it will give you something to enjoy together. And of course, she’ll see what goes on and relax even more about those evenings you head to the club with your buddies.

Let her see what the dolls do. This will allow her to see how incredibly sexy confidence is, how the dances are done, and will probably give her a few new ideas of her own about various things that she would like to try. She can watch the way the dolls move, the looks they give, how they smile, and see exactly what makes them such good dancers. Just make sure that you let her know that you are not comparing her to the dolls when she dances nor are you unhappy with how she looks. This way she can enjoy herself while at RI Dolls with you, gain the confidence she needs, and still feel great about herself.

Lap dancing is all about the fun. It doesn’t matter if you are the one giving the dance or if your girl is the one doing a dance for you. Once you encourage her to start dancing for you, don’t be at all surprised if she starts asking you to do the same! It could very easily open up a whole new world for you both as a couple and easily bring you closer together. It might be the thing you need to get the spark back or to keep it there so that you never lose it.