Rhode Island Dolls – Where the Best Deals Are Made

I’m an entrepreneur. I work for myself and I love it. I’m always looking for new ways to network and to build my business and find new clients. In the past, I stuck mostly to things like networking events, participating in local groups on social media, and advertising. That works but there is only so far you can go with it. But recently, I found a whole new source of clients where I can not only find new people that are interested in hiring me for me skills. And I have a great time doing it. It’s hanging out at Rhode Island Dolls.

At first, I was just going there to have a good time. I mean, really, who doesn’t like watching dancers at a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island? I discovered the place one night when I was looking for a place to have a few drinks and have something to eat. I was tired of the same old places and the same food and the same experience. I couldn’t find anyone to hang out with (that’s what happens when most of your buddies are married or with girlfriends) and I saw Rhode Island Dolls coming up on the left. I’d heard about the place but I’d never been there so I decided, why not?

I felt really comfortable as soon as I went in. I decided to sit at the bar, since I was by myself. I ordered some food. I couldn’t decide between the drool worthy burgers I saw going out to other people and the chicken wings, which I have a fondness for so I ended up getting both. And they were awesome. I had a few drinks, watched some dancers and just generally relaxed.

The other people that were there were friendly. I ended up talking to a few guys about business stuff (as men often do) and they wanted to know more about what I did. So, I told them. And darned if they didn’t ask if I had a business card! I gave them one, of course, thinking nothing would come of it.

I spent the rest of the night chatting with other people and talking to the dancers. And, yes, sitting at the stage and watching the show. I didn’t have anything better to do that night so I wasn’t in a rush to leave and I was having a good time. I even got a lap dance from one of the girls and since that time I have had a few private dances, too.

Well, I was pretty surprised when later that week I got a call from one of the guys that I had been talking to that had asked for my business card. Since then I’ve been doing some work for them and they have become a regular client.

Since that first time that I went to Rhode Island Dolls, I’ve gone back quite a few times. I most go to Rhode Island Dolls because I like the food and I love the dancers. It’s seriously an awesome place to chill out and have a few drinks when you’re on your own. I’ve brought a buddy with me a couple times, too. My friends think it is awesome, of course.

But every time I go solo at RI Dolls, I end up chatting with the people that are also hanging out there. And sometimes the conversation turns to business. When you have small talk among guys, the topic usually turns to what you do for a living. Most of the men that I’ve talked to are involved in some sort of business and lots of them run their own businesses. And the services I offer just happen to be the kind of thing that business owners are interested in. They often ask for a business card and sometimes they call me. Usually it is just short term work, but that’s fine. And some of them have recommended me to their friends, too.

I don’t go to Rhode Island Dolls with the sole intent of doing business. I mainly go there because I need to relax and it’s a good place to go when you don’t have anyone else to hang out with and you just don’t feel like going home and cooking and eating by yourself. And then there are the dolls. Can’t forget about them. But if the topic of work comes up, I don’t turn away from it. And if I happen to get a little bit of work from someone that I meet at RI Dolls, it’s a bonus!