Rhode Island Dolls – Who Wants a Butt Than Can Compete With Kylie Jenner?

There aren’t too many people who can match bums with Kylie Jenner here in Woonsocket, RI – but if you are willing to put in a little time and a lot of effort perhaps you will be right up at the top of the list when it comes to who has the best butt in all of the United States. Let’s face it, guys love a girl who has a gorgeous ass and when they come to Rhode Island Dolls a nice round booty is something that is definitely on their must see list. So with that in mind here are a few pointers as to how you can boost your butt to Kylie quality and keep those customers firmly planted in their seats!

Perhaps the only way to truly make a noticeable change in the definition and tone of your bum is to commit to a pretty intense exercise regime and be willing to keep it going until you reach your desired results. Once you have attained that goal, the exercises will still be a part of maintaining that new butt of yours however the work you will have to put in to keep things perfect will be much less intense than what it took to get there. And with your new found and hard fought for perfect ass the clientele at Rhode Island Dolls is sure to keep coming back for more just to see you and all that you have to offer!

The most important exercise you can do to improve your glutes are squats. They are difficult at first but like any other exercises once you get the hang of it and see some early results you will be hooked and wanting to do more and more. It won’t be long before you have the best ass in all of Rhode Island and every eye in your strip club aimed directly at you. The first thing to know when doing squats is to start without any weights or resistance. That is something that will come with time as you and your body get used to the new muscles that you have rediscovered. The first increase from your starting point should be a bump up in repetitions and once that has been mastered adding weight resistance will further enhance that stripper’s ass you are looking for.

Another great exercise are lunges. While they may be one of the most difficult and energy draining approaches to firming up that butt of yours the end result is most definitely worth the time invested. It should be noted here as well that you should begin your lunging routine with no weights but instead gradually work your way up to that point. It is recommended that when weights are first added you begin with just three pounds in each hand, followed by an increase of two pounds to a total of five. Further increases should be in similar small amounts as you slowly but surely work your way to the best ass ever seen at Rhode Island Dolls. It won’t be long before you are then envy of all off Woonsocket.

Some other very good exercises for increasing the tone and tightness of your soon to be perfect butt are the leg press and the dead lift. These two exercises should be conducted in a local gym or somewhere with another person present as you will be using expensive equipment when undertaking these specific exercises. The leg press is exclusively designed to increase leg strength and a firming of the glutes with the dead lift providing very similar results as well. The higher the number of different approaches to getting you that great butt is a big key in making sure that you never get bored of just one specific exercise and give up all together. This is about making you an elite exotic dancer in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and there needs to be some variety to keep you interested.

One last really good go to exercise is a stair climber or simply just walking more stairways than you have in the past. If you find yourself taking the stairs it’s a good idea to climb them two at a time to increase the muscle use in your butt. Every little bit helps and your gentleman’s club regulars will most definitely notice a difference!

As a precaution, always get a little more detailed information as to how much you should be exercising and remember to stay within safe limits until you just need to advance to the next level. A quick internet search should give you most of the information you require. After that, it won’t be long before everyone at RI Dolls is talking about your ass and not Kylie Jenner’s.