Rhode Island Strip Club Dancers: It’s all about the accessories

Accessories That RI Dolls Dancers Can Use in Routines (and one to avoid)

One of the best things that RI Dolls customers love about going to a gentleman’s club is that they can indulge in their fantasies. The dancers have the opportunity to help people step outside of their ordinary lives and into a fantasy world where anything can happen – at least in their imaginations!

One thing that Rhode Island Dolls dancers use to help customers indulge in their fantasies is costumes but there is even more they can do. They can use various accessories to make the fantasy come alive even more and when they do that they will find that customers come back for them again and again! That makes their job even more profitable!

Nurse/Doctor costumes – Get a hold of s stethoscope and have some fun with it. How erotic can you make listening to someone’s heartbeat? Or how about a thermometer? I’d bet that if you’re taking someone’s temperature you can make the heat get higher!

Dominatrix – You have to have a cat-o-nine tails or a riding crop! Even when you don’t use it on anyone you can make them think of all the things they would like you to do with it. They can also be very erotic as you run them over your body and direct their eyes where you want them to go!

Cowgirl – There are many different accessories you can use to make this costume more fun. How about a lasso (even better if you know how to use it)? Or a child’s stick pony that you can ride around the stage. You might even want to find a fake branding tool and make a customer yours with a little bit of ink from a stamp pad.

Business woman – You can’t do this costume right without a tie. There are so many things you can do with a necktie! Pretend to tie someone up, drape it over your body, use it to direct their eyes – have fun with it. And if you go and pick up cheap neckties at a used clothing store you can give them to a lucky customer to take home at the end of your act.

Police woman – Every guy in the room will have his eyes on you in this outfit but their fantasies will come alive with the fuzzy handcuff or the billy club. And of course, the hat is the only thing that you leave on!

French maid – Many men have the French maid fantasy and what is a French maid without her feather duster? This is a fun accessory that you can use to direct their eyes or use on customers to arouse their senses. Have some fun thinking of different ways to use this.Of course, there are certain accessories that should never be used and Rhode Island Dolls dancers are wise to avoid them.

Live animals – never ever ever use live animals in your act. While there might be a certain appeal to the creativity of animals like snakes or birds, they are completely unpredictable. You never know for sure what they are going to do no matter how well trained they are. The fact is that animals can have some pretty severe reactions to loud noises or to people they don’t know. The other thing that you can’t control is the people in the crowd so don’t use live animals in your routines. This will help you avoid several potentially unpleasant outcomes.

One of the best things about being an RI Dolls dancer is being able to be creative with your routines and your costumes. Costumes that indulge in the fantasies of your customers really increase your chances of getting good tips and they are a simple way to make your dancing come alive. The accessories that you put with the costumes you choose make it even more alluring. Find accessories in toy stores and novelty shops to find them at a reasonable price.

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