RI Dolls Celebrates Big Beautiful Women!

celebrating-big-beautiful-womenBeing a big woman doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. Big women can be beautiful too. Just because they wear the biggest bras and have the biggest stuff to fill those bras, doesn’t mean they are not as beautiful, sexy, and confident in their self as the skinnier women. Why not come to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and check out the big beautiful women here? They can make sure you have just as great of a time as the skinnier dancers can! Come check out the allure of the biggest, most sexy and beautiful women we have here!

Big Beautiful Women can make you Happy too

When coming to RI Dolls, you won’t just see skinny women dancing on stage but you will also see big sexy women that are just as pretty as the skinny girls. They can make you laugh and smile and make your troubles go away just as much as the other women can. Big beautiful women will melt your heart and make you smile all the way home while you are still thinking about them. You won’t want to miss out on what they can do for you.

Big Beautiful Women are Confident Women

Being big and beautiful is a great way to feel confident. These women have enough confidence to know they are beautiful on the inside and out. They don’t need anyone to tell them either because they have enough confidence inside of them to be sure they are as beautiful as anyone else is. Where do they get their confidence from? You! That’s right! You make them feel beautiful by letting them know they are special. You make them feel good on the inside knowing they are beautiful all the way through.

The Big Beautiful Women Amateur Contest

RI Dolls is hosting a BBW amateur contest on Fat Tuesday at the strip club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. On February 9, there will be a contest where all BBW’s are invited to come and join in the fun with the rest of the BBW’s there. Why not come and watch the women in the contest? You will get to see the largest bras and the beautiful women who wear them at RI Dolls. Come check out the contest and have the most fun you will ever have!

Do you know a BBW?

Do you know a BBW? If so, invite them to come with you so they can enter the contest and join in on the fun with all of the other big beautiful women. These women have so much confidence in them that they know they have a great chance of winning the contest. There will be a guest appearance from Chocolate Cherries so everyone will have the best time ever!

Being a BBW Means Beauty

Being a big beautiful women means they are always beautiful. They are always kind to everyone they meet and never have a bad thing to say to anyone. They don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful so they should always have a lot of confidence in them to know they can show you a good time while you are at RI Dolls. Make sure to bring your wallet because the BBW’s need tips and love too.

Eat and Drink with the BBW’s

Have a good time on Fat Tuesday while eating some great food and have a few tasty drinks too. The BBW’s will serve you while they wear their big bras. This means you will get to see those big beautiful things that fill those big bras. This should make you really happy. All men love big breasts and the BBW’s have the biggest ones.

Coming to RI Dolls doesn’t always mean seeing beautiful skinny women but you will also see our BBW’s too. Many men are into big beautiful women so this will make you happy if you are one of those guys who are into them a lot.

BBW’s are really special women because of the confidence they wear on their sleeve. They wear their hearts on their sleeve too and will always be nice to you while you are visiting the strip club. They will never be rude or ugly and will always make sure you have the best time of your life while watching the hot women dance on the stage, eating the best food there is, and drinking the best beer around. Having a drink or two is ok as long as you are not driving!