RI Dolls Dancers: Get the Perfect Pout – No Surgery Required!

perfectpoutOne thing that men love is lips. They just can’t get enough of pouty lips that look like they should be kissed. Dancers can really improve their appearance by making their lips look more appealing. Not only does it add to sex appeal but it makes you appear more friendly and approachable when you have a desirable smile.

Of course, not all RI Dolls dancers with thinner natural lips will want to do something as drastic as cosmetic surgery and that’s completely understandable. There’s no need to go the more expensive route of having surgical enhancements – especially if you’re not sure if you will like the results. Fortunately, there are other options.

Toothbrush Plumping

It’s a good idea to do this anyway before you put on your lipstick as it will ensure that you have no dry skin on your lips and make your lipstick or gloss look smoother. But try this trick: brush your teeth right before your show. After brushing your teeth, brush your lips. Don’t be to vigorous or you could end up looking like you’ve been kissing a clown but use enough pressure to get rid of the dry skin. Your lips will temporarily plump up. Then, make sure that your lips are dry and apply liner, gloss, or lipstick as usual.

Natural Plumpers

You might not realize this but your kitchen is filled with things that you can use to create your own homemade lip plumper. It is completely safe to use and costs a whole lot less than anything you might buy at the drug store. As a bonus, you know exactly what the ingredients are so it is completely safe to us. No harsh chemicals!

First, gather your ingredients. You’ll need peppermint extract, a flavorless chap stick or bees wax, petroleum jelly, ground ginger and ground cayenne pepper.

Next find a small jar with a lid. Add a big teaspoon full of the petroleum jelly and then half a teaspoon of the bees wax or the chap stick. Blend it together.

After it is blended well, add a pinch of the ground ginger and a little of the cayenne pepper. Mix it up and then put in a drop or two of the peppermint extract. This will give it a pleasing scent and a fresh flavor.

Mix again and then put the lid on. You should keep it somewhere cool so that it stays fresh. The pepper and ginger will make your lips swell a bit and will make them feel tingly. The results are a safe and simple lip plumper that looks attractive.

Makeup Tips

Most women use makeup – especially if they are on a stage – but there are different ways to use makeup that can make your lips look fuller and more appealing. There are four things you need in your makeup back to achieve a poutier lip: a matte brown bronzer or eyeshadow, a shimmery white eyeshadow, lip liner, and lip stick.

Begin with a shimmery white eye shadow and use it on the V in the middle of your upper lip. You might see this called the Cupid ’s bow. When you highlight this area it draws attention to this part of your lip and makes it look fuller.

Next, with the brown eye shadow or matte bronzer, use a small brush or applicator to apply the powder on your lower lip. This will help your lips appear fuller by giving them contour. Then take the shimmery white eye shadow again and put a small dab on the middle of your bottom lip to draw the light to it.

Finally, line the outer edges of your lips with your lip liner and follow up with a coat of your favorite color or lipstick. Make sure it matches the lip liner.

It just takes a little extra time to apply your make up in the right manner to give your lips a fuller and sexier look. And when you do, you’ll find that it adds to the sensuality of your overall look. Lips can speak volumes and add to the fantasy that you are providing for your clientele. They will fall in love with you and want to come back again and again when they know you are on stage!

Remember that the fantasy is what men come back for time and time again and if you can give them that not only will you have regular customers but you’ll also make better money. Men come to Rhode Island Dolls to escape their real lives and indulge their minds. So give them that!