RI Dolls Dancers – Have Supple and Beautiful Skin!

One of the things that make you stand out as a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is your skin. Yes, you need to have the moves and you need to have the body but when guys get up close on the stage or during a private dance and see skin that looks like a lizard it is a big turn off! So, take some time and make sure that your skin is supple and smooth. Even though they can’t touch, you want them to wish they could when they see skin that looks like it would feel like silk. Good skin doesn’t come naturally to everyone though so you can make your skin look youthful by following a few basic tips.

Protect Your Skin

Every day when you go out into the sun and the elements, you are adding age to your skin. Sun not only makes you look brown but it makes your skin appear weathered and old if you’re not careful. Wrinkles are one of the main side effects of too much sun. Yet, there’s a simple solution – sunscreen. You should wear sunscreen every single day – even when the weather is cold and the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds. For your face, you can use a foundation that has a built in sunscreen that specifically guards against UVA rays. These are the ones that cause wrinkles. Make sure there is some UVB ray protection, too as these are the types of rays that can cause skin cancer.


When your pores are too big, they can fill up with dead skin cells, dirt, and oil and that turns into blackheads. Exfoliating is a simple solution to that. It helps to minimize the pore size by getting rid of all the dirty and yuck that accumulates on your skin when you wear makeup every day and from just being outside. You should pick a product to exfoliate with that has gycolic and salicylic acid in it. Once you have been exfoliating for a couple weeks you can try a microdermabrasion treat that will help get rid of dead surface cells on the skin, which can also contribute to blackheads. You can have microdermabrasion done at a skin care center or a spa or you can purchase a kit and do it yourself at home. Avoid the scrubs that have things like crushed nut shells in them though because they can actually damage your skin more. Use a toner and moisturizer on a regular basis as part of your skin care routine, too.

Quit Touching Your Face

Obviously, there are times that you have to touch your face, like when you put your makeup on or take it off. Before starting any makeup or skin care routine, make sure you start with clean hands. It’s as simple as washing your hands well first, before starting your routine.

Other than that, try to keep your hands away from your face. In anyone’s life, we run around touching things all the time – keyboards, money, other people, coffee cups, stuff we drop and then pick up off the ground, and so on. If you actually saw the amount of germs on your hands each day you’d be disgusted. And when you touch your face – your eyes, your lips, your nose, and your cheeks – you transfer all of that dirt and germs to your skin and it sticks, there, just waiting to find an open pore to slink into. It’s no wonder we have the occasional break out of pimples or blackheads, isn’t it?

And speaking of pimples or blackheads – stop poking at them. Not only does it cause trauma to your skin but when you touch these breakouts with hands that aren’t clean, you’re adding more dirt to them (and they are open now that you’ve squeezed them) and it makes it harder for them to clear up. If you have a stubborn breakout that is not going away with over-the-counter treatment, go and see an aesthetician who can take care of the situation without damaging your skin.

There are a lot of different things that can contribute to your appeal as a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls. Sexy skin is one of them. Most men (and women) love to look at skin that appears like it would be soft to the touch. Skin that is well taken care of and smooth and glowing is a great appeal. So take the time to make sure that your skin is taken care of properly!