RI Dolls Dancers: Keep All Eyes on You While on the Stage

Most dancers know that if they don’t get all eyes on the room on them when they are dancing on the stage it is hard to make really good money. But if the room grows quiet while you are on stage you know you’re doing something right. Everyone is watching and waiting for whatever comes next.

But how can you make sure that everyone in the room can’t take their eyes off you while you’re on the stage? Here’s a few tips:

Look Your Best

There are some girls that hit the stage like it is any other job. You can’t do that if you want to be a successful dancer. You need to treat nights that you’re going to be on stage like you’re going to the most important event of your life. Make sure you hair looks great. Take extra time on your make up. Use lotion so that you skin is supple and smooth. Make sure that your outfit is read, looks great, and has no rips or tears. Pretend that your customers waiting for you to dance are your favorite celebrities. Give them your best.


One of the benefits to looking your best is that you feel your best, too. And when you are confident and feeling great about how you look, it plays a big part in how others see you. Make sure that you’ve practiced your dance steps so that when you get on the stage you won’t be nervous. Don’t try new things until you’ve practiced them so much that you can do the moves without even thinking about it. Confidence in yourself makes you so much more appealing to your audience.

Learn to Move Better

Dancing on the stage is not just about having original dance moves. That helps but knowing how to move to increase your stage presence can do a long way. There are certain ways you can move that can make you appear taller, more sensual, and more mesmerizing. For example, if you lift your chest while you move your arms over your head with a little bit of a bend at the elbow, you appear taller and more elongated. Ballet classes and yoga classes are a great way to find new and more appealing ways to move on the stage. Studying the art of movement and different forms of dance can make you more confident on the stage and that will always improve your stage presence.

Be Positive

No one likes to watch a dancer that looks like she hates her job. It’s important to at least appear to really enjoy being on stage. If you’re frowning, sulking or looking like you’re just not having a good time, people simply won’t enjoy watching you. Keep a smile on your face. Make eye contact with your audience. Enjoy your time up there. Get lost in the music. If you really do hate what you’re doing and dislike being on stage, it’s important that you can find at least some aspect that you love about it. If you absolutely can’t find anything to enjoy, you might be better off with another type of job. People will know if you’re faking it so make every attempt to show that you are getting some kind of pleasure from performing for your clients.

Be in Control

Although it is good to tap into emotions and passions as you dance, you need to make sure that you are in control of your moves and your routine. Flamboyance and crazy antics might work to get attention once in a while but it will only take you so far. In order to stay in control you need to know two things: 1) your audience and what they expect from you and 2) your dance moves. If you can get someone to record you, perhaps another dancer, on their phone, you can watch your moves later and see what is working and what is not. If you come across as awkward and unsure during certain parts of your routine, you’ll know you need to practice more or replace those moves with something you’re more comfortable with.

The best dancers have a great stage presence. They are confident and look like they love their job. They interact will with the audience and they know how to move to create the best visual appearance. Spend some time thinking about and working on your stage presence and you’ll find that all the eyes in the room will be on you when you hit the stage.