RI Dolls Dancers Want to Know – Do I Need Breast Implants?

A lot of strippers at dance clubs like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI have breast implants. It’s a tool that many of them choose to use to accentuate their figure. Some of them make more money. Some don’t. Breast implants are no guarantee that more money will follow. Sure, men love boobs. But do all men like big breasts? Not necessarily

The fact is, the size of your breasts does not matter. You’ll see dancers of all shapes and sizes at RI Dolls, which is great about visiting a strip club. And the guys like them all. If you ask any stripper who has had a boob job if they’ve made more money after the procedure and they’ll say no. So if money is your driving force for getting a boob job, you probably shouldn’t have the procedure done

Think for a minute about all the different sizes of breasts you’ve seen. Small ones are cute and easy to suck on, and big ones are fun to squeeze and play with. Every size breast has its advantages and every breast is beautiful. No two breasts are the same and that’s what makes them enjoyable and sexy. Customers at RI Dolls are focused on the whole package. They want to see hot dancers move their naked bodies, no matter how large or small their boobs are. When you are well proportioned and proud of what you’ve got, flaunt it and the customers will respond

There are several benefits to getting breast implants. For example, most women report that having a boob job increased their confidence in themselves. When you are dancing on stage or wrapped around a stripper pole and you are confident in yourself and your appearance, you will put on a better show and get more tips. Thus, the key to earning more money is to be confident and enjoy what you do, it doesn’t matter how big your tits are. 

Try enhancing your breasts while you’re dancing at the strip club. Guys love to smell soft perfume on the strippers, so put some around your breasts. You can also dust your chest with glitter, use a shimmer lotion, or apply bronzer in your cleavage to enhance the fullness of your breasts. If you’re a new stripper, ask some of your co-workers for some of their tricks. I bet you’ll learn a few things on how to make your tits look fantastic, without having to go under the knife

If you are still thinking about getting breast implants, stop for a moment and consider body proportion. Going up too many sizes will not only stretch your skin, but your breasts won’t be proportionate with the rest of your body. Don’t get me wrong, there are people in the world that do enjoy extra-large titties, but it’s not a necessity in the world of stripping. When it comes to breasts, it really depends on personal preference, both yours and all the customers at RI Dolls gentlemen’s club. If you ask any guy at RI Dolls, he’ll say that he loves every single pair of breasts in the club. 

Before you go under the knife, why don’t you see what it would be like if your boobs were bigger? Purchase a bra that’s a cup size or two bigger than what you currently wear, then fill it with silicon bra inserts or socks. Walk around for the entire day, or at least a few hours, and see how it feels. How did your back feel? Did you have trouble moving your arms? Do a dance routine and see if your breasts interfere with any of your moves. You may find out that you don’t like that size, and that’s okay. It may also confirm your desire to go bigger, and that’s okay, too. As long as you aren’t doing it solely to earn more money.

Strippers that choose to get breast implants have to make sure that they are making that decision for themselves, because they want to. It does not always mean that more money will follow in the form of tips. Many women that dance for money are totally natural. They don’t have to be big breasted either. Men have different preferences and there will always be some that prefer natural over augmented breasts. 

The bottom line is, your confidence and personality are likely to earn more money for you than your shape. So, if having breast augmentation surgery makes you feel better about yourself, go for it. It’s your choice!