RI Dolls Dancers with Sensuous Skin Are Faves

dancers-skinBeing a dancer at a club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket can require a lot of things. Obviously you need to look your best and be in great shape. But one of the other things that clients love that is not always spoken about is sensuous skin. When a woman has skin that looks like it is made of silk, it makes men drool and fantasize about what it would be like to touch a woman like her. Your face, your legs, your arms, your belly – you need to take care of the skin you were given because if you don’t it can start to look old before your time.

One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to wear sunscreen. The sun can do loads of damage to skin, not to mention that unsightly tan marks just take away from the fantasy. And of course, not wearing sunscreen on the face is one of the main reasons that women get wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. It’s next to impossible to get rid of wrinkles so it is best to just wear sunscreen and keep your skin on your face supple and smooth. Not wearing sunscreen can also cause sun marks on your arms and legs. Look for a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection to guard your skin from UVA rays – these are the ones that cause premature again. UVB rays are the ones that cause skin cancer so you need a sunscreen that protects you from them as well.

Another simple thing you can do to keep your skin supple and smooth is to exfoliate your skin daily. This will help remove dead skin cells that can make your skin look dry and scaly and no one daydreams about touching that. When you exfoliate and get rid of dirty and oil and the dead skin cells, your pores will shrink. This prevents blackheads, which look awful under the bright lights of the stage. When you exfoliate, use a product that has gycolic and salicylic acid. You can also you a microdermabrasion treatment once a week or even twice to help remove the dead skin cells. It’s easy to do at home and you can even use natural products if you prefer not to buy over the counter products. Follow up your exfoliation with a toner and then a moisturizer to give your skin a healthy glow.

Get out of the habit of touching your face. This might be difficult to do but it is a good habit to get rid of. When you touch your face you are getting dirt and other stuff on your skin cells that can cause you to break out. If you do get a pimple, never squeeze it. Squeezing pimples can lead to infections. It causes trauma to your skin and actually pushes bacteria deeper beyond your skin cells. It can even cause scarring. If you have a pimple that won’t go away on its own, see an aesthetician who knows how to safely extract a pimple. Sometimes they can even remove it without leaving a mark.

For your whole body, choose a quality moisturizer and use it right after you get out of the shower. You skin will soak it up much easier. Use it on your entire body – and don’t forget your feet!

If you are not used to taking care of your skin properly, set up an appointment with an aesthetician who can recommend the best products for you and show you how to use them properly. With a good skin care routine, you can keep your skin looking supple and smooth, no matter how much dirt and grime you are exposed to on the stage. It’s amazing how much it can build up over time if you are not care about taking care of your skin.

When it comes to having a job where you are in the public eye all the time and showing a lot of skin, it is important to remember that they take in the whole, not just parts of your body. Skin with pimples, black heads and scars is not pretty to look at and you have to remember that you are selling a fantasy. If the clients don’t find their fantasy in you, they will look somewhere else.

So, set up a good skin care routine if you do not have one already. It doesn’t have to take up a big part of your day. It’s just a matter of setting up some new habits and breaking some old ones!