RI Dolls For When You’re Working the Weekend and Everyone Else is at the Beach

ri-dolls-working-weekendDon’t you hate it when everyone you know is heading to the beach for the weekend and you’re stuck in the city working? It’s the most depressing thing ever. You know they are going to come back with stories of how awesome the water was and how many gorgeous babes in bikinis were there. And because all the guys you are friends with are hanging out at the beach fire with sexy beach girls hanging around and drinking and having fun, there’s not even anyone to go to a club with.

But there is a way that you can still have a good time. Head to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket after you get off work. It is the kind of place that you can go by yourself or with a bunch of other guys so you won’t be out of place. And when you get there you’ll be welcomed by the staff and the dancers and the regulars so you won’t feel like you’re alone.

At the beach they are likely eating some burnt steak with a healthy coating of sand. Sure, it will taste ok when it is washed down with a substantial amount of beer in a red cup. Wouldn’t you rather have a nice filet mignon that has been charbroiled to perfection though? Pair that up with some of Rhode Island Dolls’ famous sweet potato fries and a Caesar salad and you’ll be glad that you don’t have to pick the sand from your teeth.

But what about the girls? You’ll miss them right?

Not at Rhode Island Dolls. Heck, you’ll be glad that you’re not beating drunk girls off you because instead you’ll be surrounded by some of the sexiest ladies you’ve ever seen. You won’t have to get them drunk to get them to take off their clothes either. They are there for your enjoyment. When you see these beautiful ladies on the stage you will forget all about the girls frolicking around in the sand trying to look sexy but just looking drunk instead.

Rhode Island Dolls dancers are some of the best at what they do. They have the moves that will keep your attention. There are blondes, redheads, and brunettes and they come in every shape and size you could want. They are the kind of girls that fantasies are made of and when there around you’ll forget everything else. You’ll forget that your friends ditched you to head to the beach. You’ll forget that you had to work over the weekend. You’ll forget all the stresses of your job. Instead, you’ll just get lost in their beauty and in their exotic dance moves.

Rhode Island Dolls is a great place to be when your friends have put you off for the sand, surf, and beach babes. They have better food and better looking babes. And the company is good, too. If you want to talk, there’s always a bunch of guys hanging around that will welcome you. And the girls are pretty good at talking too.

And there’s not likely any girls at that beach that would have invited you behind the dunes for a private strip dance is there? Console yourself by picking your favorite girl and letting her entice you with her special moves in a private dance that will make you feel like the most special man on the face of the earth. There’s nothing like a woman that is confident and sure of herself and her moves to put your mind at rest – especially when you compare it to the drunken moves of the girls on the beach that have likely had one tequila shot too many!

Rhode Island Dolls is the best place to be on a weekend when you’ve gotten stuck working and everyone else is gone to the cabin. Beside the fact that you’re likely making more money than your friends, you get to spend time with women that really know what you like. They know how to ignite the flames that feed your wildest fantasies and they know how to make you feel special. Because they are professionals, they will make you forget about everything that stresses you out.

Actually, after a weekend night at Rhode Island Dolls, you’re more likely to return to work on Monday stress free and completely relaxed. If you went to the beach with the rest of the guys, the only thing you’re likely to return to work with on Monday is a hangover!