RI Dolls in Woonsocket – Our Favorite Date Night Spot

My husband and I are determined to keep the romance alive in our relationship. And even after having three kids, we’ve been successful. One of our secrets is making time for us. We have a weekly date night and nothing comes before it. Not work, not the kids, not other family members. We put date night first in our agenda so no matter how busy we are, we spend at least a portion of date night alone – just the two of us.

We do usually spend part of date night with other people around though. Sometimes it is at dinner or a movie but more often than not, it’s at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. Yes, I go to a strip club with my hubby on many of our date nights.

When my husband and I go to RI Dolls gentlemen’s club, we try to go early on a Friday evening. We walk through the doors by 5:30 PM so we can take advantage of the free cover, and pick a table near the main stage. I like to be able to see it all! Then my husband orders us a pitcher of beer, since it’s on special for only $5 until 7:00 PM. We’d drink and chat while we watch the sexy ladies dancing on the stage….

In no time, our dinner is in front of us and it looks amazing. I almost don’t want to disrupt the plate presentation by digging in, but I can’t resist because it smells so damn good! We often share the plump and juice shrimp cocktail appetizer, and I usually have the grilled chicken entrée and my hubby has the filet mignon. Both dinners are out of this world.

As we finish our meals and down the last drips of beer in the pitcher, we decide to move up to a fancier drink. I like to get a Mojito and he gets a Long Island Iced Tea, but the taste of my sweet minty drink quickly left my mind when She walks out onto the main stage. This girl is the most beautiful exotic dancer at RI Dolls. She has long blonde hair with soft waves, a tight red dress that sparkles with her every move, and the most amazingly sexy red shoes. Her blue eyes glisten underneath the lights. I know I have to get a closer look, so I grabb my husband’s hand, and then pick up my drink and we sit at the stage. She is my favorite dancer and I just can’t get close enough.

My husband takes out a five-dollar bill and folds it the long way before placing it on the stage in front of me. He smirks and then continues watching the dancer as she slipped her sexy gown off to reveal the most perfect pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. The first time I saw her, I was a little jealous that she was blessed with such a beautiful body and I wasn’t, but that quickly passed when I thought about what I did have, and who I’d be going home with at the end of the night.

When my favorite RI Doll spots the bill in front of me, just sitting there like a miniature tee-pee on the stage, she waltzes over to me and bends down. She flashed me a smile and I can do nothing but smile back, though I’m sure my eyes were as wide as my smile was. I watch her move her body and arch her back in ways that I didn’t know was possible, but look so sexy I begin to get turned on. She turns around to show me her tight little round bum, then she bends down so her perfect breasts were inches from my face. Then she whispers “hi” in my ear and I can smell her vanilla perfume.

I’ve been hooked on Rhode Island Dolls ever since that first time I saw my favorite dancer. There are loads of other gorgeous dolls there, too. My husband has a preference for sporty brunette types – which makes me feel good because that’s more my style.

The best part is then when we get home and the babysitter has the kids tucked into their beds and we’re all alone – I’ve got him all to myself. We’re both feeling pretty amorous at that point so…I don’t think I have to spell it out for you!