RI Dolls Indulges My Foot Fetish

Foot FetishI’ve always had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. I love to adore them. I love to touch them. I love to massage them. While it can be a very sexual thing if I let it, it is also just a pleasure and I can remain very much in control. I appreciate the beauty of women’s feet and for me, giving a woman a foot massage is a real treat.

When I learned that dancers at RI Dolls are happy to indulge my foot fetish, as long as it does not become overtly sexual. I was thrilled.

A typical Friday night might look like this for me:

It’s a Friday night and I’m ready to blow off some steam from a hectic work week. I decide to head over to Rhode Island Dolls to get the weekend started off right. I get there later than I wanted, so I have to pay a cover charge to get in, but it’s so worth it. I also give the bouncer a tip as I walk by. I can always count on him to help me find the Doll with the prettiest toes. I grab a beer from the bar and find a seat at a small, unoccupied table where I can see the stage.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to look at naked ladies. I could look at naked women all day (or night) long. But there is just something special about feet that I can’t explain. I don’t care what size a foot is, or what color polish she has, or if she’s wearing polish at all. I don’t care if a foot is buttery soft or a little rough around the edges. And I actually prefer feet that have a little stink to them. To me, strippers have the perfect feet. I especially love that they are a little sweaty from dancing around, yet their foot odor is more sweet-smelling then foul B.O.

When I spot a Doll with feet that I’m interested in seeing up close, I start by talking to her. After the usual pleasantries, I’ll compliment her shoes and ask her what size they are. It doesn’t matter to me how big or small her feet are, I just like to know. Usually, I’ve guessed her size before I ask, and her answer just confirms my assumption is right. After some more talk, I ask her if her feet are ticklish. Then I’ll ask if she likes foot massages. Finally, I ask her if I could buy a private dance from her. But my request is a little different than what guys normally want. I ask her if after she strips, would she sit next to me and allow me to massage her feet for the rest of the song. Most erotic dancers love the opportunity to spend a few minutes getting a foot massage and being paid for it. I’ve only been turned down twice, and both times were when I was at a different strip club.

Celine, the stripper with the cute feet, accepts my offer with a huge smile. She tells me that she knows the perfect spot for our little rendezvous. Then she escorts me to a plush sofa in the corner of the club. Exotic drapes provide a bit of privacy, without blocking our entire view of the rest of the club. She sits me down on the couch and starts to dance as a new song begins to play. 

I could tell Celine really wanted that foot massage, because I’ve never seen a stripper take her clothes off this fast before. And that’s perfectly fine with me. Once she was naked, she shook her stuff in front of me, and then laid down on the couch next to me. On her back, she stretched her long, thin legs across my lap and rubbed her feet together slowly, with her toes pointed. Celine’s light pink polish was perfectly placed on her toenails. Her smooth feet didn’t have a blemish on them, except for a few indentations from her strappy shoes. This was actually a big turn-on. I politely asked if I could touch her feet, and she smiled and shook her head yes.

Celine bent her knees off to the side and pulled her feet up until they rested in my lap. I slowly reached down and caressed the top of her left foot. Then I gently rubbed the top of her right foot. Next, I traced her arches with my two middle fingers. She quivered at the slight tickling sensation. Then, I went for the toes. I rubbed each one individually, starting with the big toe. I gave a lot of attention to the spaces between each toe, and that’s when I heard a slight moan escape Celine’s mouth. I didn’t look at her, but I smiled.

I finally grabbed a foot with both hands and began to give Celine a full-blown foot massage. She said it was the best one she’s ever had. Even better than the ones she’s paid for at expensive Boston spas. That made my day! If you’ve ever wanted to boost the ego of a foot fetishist, then compliment him on his foot massage techniques!

When the song was over, just like other strippers at RI Dolls, she said that she hoped I’d have time to give her another foot massage before I left. I’m so glad that Rhode Island Dolls welcomes people with foot fetishes. This is the best strip club ever!