RI Dolls Instead of Beach Babes

Most people love the summer, but I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I do love looking at beautiful women in little bikinis as they walk along the warm sand at the beach. It’s the high temperatures that I don’t like. Luckily, I found the best of both worlds at RI Dolls. This gentleman’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is the best strip bar in New England. And I’ve been to a lot of them. They have the hottest strippers, the best food, and great music. With the summer heat index continuing to rise, I’m going to be at Rhode Island Dolls more often.

I can already imagine what my next trip to RI Dolls will be like: Me sitting at a table causally sipping from a chilled glass of whiskey on the rocks. The cool air creating bumps under the tops of the sexy Dolls as they slowly swing their hips from side to side in rhythm with the tunes emanating from the hidden speakers. Laughter can be heard from the corner, where two guys are about to get lap dances from beautiful women. And the sweet scent of vanilla and lilacs swirls around me, which is the welcome signature scent of my favorite erotic dancer.

That’s when I see her. My favorite stripper. It’s as if she can feel me looking at her, and when she turns around our eyes lock. The stunning redhead with the emerald green bikini slyly smiles at me and then walks over. Her face is lightly dotted with the cutest little freckles and her green eyes almost match her emerald bikini perfectly. I ask her why she’s not in the movies, and she lets out the sexiest giggle I’ve ever heard. Without a doubt, this is the Doll I want to get to know a little better. So I ask for a lap dance, and slip her a little extra cash just because she’s so beautiful.

I know the song as started because my blazing red head dancer has started gyrating her body in front of me. The bright lights from the stage shine down behind her, making her look like an angel as she dances for me. She climbs up on my lap and asks me to reach around and untie her top. With just a light pull to a dangling green string, her bikini top fell around her waist. Her breasts are beyond perfect. Her skin is silky smooth, with just a shimmer of a golden tan. No tan lines made me picture her sunbathing naked by the pool for just a second, but then her sexy dance moves quickly brought me back to the real fantasy. I thought to myself how a hot summer day at the beach is never as good as a hot summer night at RI Dolls.

My ginger stripper twisted around like a gymnast, arched her back, and rubbed her prime behind on my crotch. I took a deep breath to keep things under control, but I wasn’t sure how long I could stay in control. When she whipped her hair back and those long red tresses grazed my face and fell into a puddle on my chest, I just about exploded. I thought to myself “wow”, and then realized I actually said it out loud. She responded with the words “thank you” through her huge smile. A girl like this should be illegal.

I was able to reach into my pocket and pull out a few more bills, and one at a time I gave them to her. One bill went under the garter that wrapped around her thigh. One bill went between her breasts. And one bill caressed her skin before also landing beneath the garter. She politely thanked me again and kept on dancing when the second song started. There was no way I could say no, so I let her continue to enchant me with her naked body as she danced.

When the second song was over, I asked her back to my table. I ordered a bottle of champagne for us to share. I also ordered shrimp cocktail. I loved watching her put the shrimp between her lips, tasting it for a few seconds, then slowly pulling the tail out of her mouth. I’ve never seen anyone eat shrimp so erotically as my sexy red head stripper.

But, like most things in life, my fantasy had to end. I shook my head to clear it of the remaining images of my imaginary trip to Rhode Island Dolls. Instead, I decided to make it a reality. The weatherman said today’s scorching heat wasn’t going to cool down after dark, so I decided to spend the evening at RI Dolls to stay cool.