RI Dolls is a Great Place to Celebrate a Promotion

CelebrateWhen you get promoted at your job, what’s the first thing you want to do? Celebrate, right? There’s lots of ways you can celebrate a promotion but one of the best ways to do it is with all your best buddies at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI.

You can celebrate your way – choose your food and alcohol, enjoy the dancers, or even get a VIP room with bottle service. Unwind, watch the pretty girls dance on stage in front of you, talk to your buddies, and just sit back and enjoy your night. Celebrate your work promotion but don’t talk about. RI Dolls is the perfect place to celebrate that promotion and have the time of your life.

Great Food

You also want to go to a place that has great food. Well, RI Dolls is the place for the best food there is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. They have anything you can imagine to serve you the best food, whet your appetite, and make you hungry for more, literally. Whether you’re in the mood for some appetizers to eat while you’re watching the show or a full course meal that will fill you up, you are bound to find something on their award winning menu that will tempt your tastebuds!

Not only will the food make you hungry for more but the beautiful strippers will too. Before you leave, you will be booking your next party there, guaranteed.

All the drinking you can handle!

At RI Dolls, when celebrating your promotion there, you will want to drink with your guy friends. Well, their VIP Bottle Service can guarantee all the drinking you can handle and afford for the night. Drink Dom Perigno, drink Whiskey until you can’t handle another drink, have some Red Bull or just bottled water as extra if you don’t drink alcohol. They have your favorite premium hard liquors, quality wine, and champagne to make your celebration night extra special.

The Dancers

Going to RI Dolls to celebrate your promotion with your best buddies will be the best idea you have ever had. This is because they have the best dancers in the state of Rhode Island. Their dancing style will knock you off your feet and make you want more of it. They are sexy and wild and their bodies and dancing will make you go crazy wanting more of them and their sensuous dance moves.

Events and specials

If you like to go big, consider watching for big events that happen most month at RI Dolls. Holidays almost always have something special going on.

If you want a little more of a solitary celebration, why not consider taking advantage of their private VIP room with your favorite Rhode Island Dolls dancer? You can book 45-60 minutes at a time on Wednesdays to Saturday afternoons between 12-3 pm. Your favorite dancer can be topless or nude. You can even order in champagne. Spend your time talking or watching her dance. It doesn’t get better than that.

Each day of the week has specials that can make your celebration even better, too. Mondays have $4 drink specials and $1 jello shots. Tuesdays are great for the beer buckets, beer towers and BOGO champagne specials. Wednesdays are for margaritas and free chips and salsa. Thursdays are perfect for BOGO bottle service. Be there on Friday for the two ticket draws for private rooms. Check out our website for more details on daily specials and events.

Great food, all the drinking you can handle, pretty women dancing on stage in front of you, and awesome music that makes you want to get up and dance with the girls dancing on stage in front of you. Also, don’t forget to book your next party at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.