RI Dolls is a Great Place to Celebrate Independence Day!

Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing every year for Independence Day? Same people, same barbeques, same fireworks. Nothing ever really changes does it?

Have you ever thought about making a radical change? Like celebrating Independence Day at a strip club? Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is a great way to celebrate. Not only will you have a great time but what better way to celebrate independence than by doing what you love and hanging out with beautiful ladies?

RI Dolls always puts on a great celebration on July 4th. There’s lots of fun things to do. Whether you’re going solo or coming to hang out with your buddies, it will be the best Independence Day you’ve ever had!

Here are some great reasons to come to Rhode Island Dolls for Independence Day and skip the backyard barbeques!

#1 There’s no crowds!

Many people go to the beach or to a park or a party for an Independence Day celebration. The problem with all those options is that there’s so many people! You could lose the people you came with and you likely have to bring your own chairs so that you’re not stuck sitting on the ground hoping no one steps on you.

RI Dolls lets you avoid all of that. Pull up a chair (that you didn’t have to bring with you!) and have a seat at a comfortable table. You won’t even have to go get your own food or drinks! Just let our friendly servers take care of you!

#2 You’ll be cool!

We don’t mean that you’re cool as in rad, stylin’, or awesome (although obviously, you are). What we mean is that you don’t have to endure the heat of summer. Instead, you can chill in our air conditioned building while you’re enjoying the day. Ok, it might get a little hot in here when the dancers hit the stage but that’s a good kind of heat!

#3 Nothing’s buggin’ you!

Besides the fact that there’s so many people at Independence Day celebrations and lots of them are loud and rude and annoying, there are also a lot of bugs. Real bugs. Spiders, ants, bees and other annoying critters are ready to ruin your fun. Worse yet, they get into your food and drinks and some of them bite! Here, you don’t have to worry about any of that. No bugs, no problems, right?

#4 The best food

Hamburgers and potato salad are fine once in a while, but are you tired of them yet? And if you’re going to eat a hamburger on Independence Day, it should be one of our delicious gourmet burgers. Add some fresh fries and you’re ready to go. Or maybe you don’t want a burger. Maybe you’re craving a nice juicy steak. Not the overdone steak your uncle thinks is cooked properly – a steak cooked the way you want it!

#5 The Fireworks are on Stage

While there are fireworks at the celebrations, they are not as enjoyable or last as long as those that you can enjoy when watching the exotic dancers. You can stay and watch the performances for as long as you want, or until the doors close for the night. The fireworks here are just as spectacular and likely even better due to the length and the fact that you are watching these amazing women dance. This is true at RI Dolls or any other gentleman’s club that you may attend. The shows are hot and they will have you wanting more before the night ends.

#6 Fantasies

While you may not think that going to a strip club on Independence Day is really all that special, you may be proven wrong. Maybe you have a fantasy about wrapping someone in a flag and then ripping it off them. This could happen while you are at RI Dolls as they may have special costumes just for the evening. You never know what special treats they have for you!

#7 Night Cap

If you cannot get to Rhode Island Dolls during the day for whatever reason, there is no need to fear, you can still head over after the fireworks (at least the ones in the sky!) are over. The club stays open until 1 am, which still gives you plenty of time to view the special stripper fireworks that happen on the stage at night.