RI Dolls is the Perfect Place to Try on a New Persona

BartenderI’ve always been one of those guys that put my head down and focused on the studies, the job, the money. I had a few good friends but I’ve never been really good with women. I’m shy and I get all nervous. I like my life, I like my job, but sometimes I wish I could spend more time with women. I wish I could recreate myself and take on a new persona – at least some of the time. So, when a coworker invited me to go to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI with him, I thought it was time to try being someone else.

I thought about going to RI Dolls all week long, and I started to fantasize about what I’d say to the hot girls serving drinks and dancing on the stages. I’d imagine what they looked like while pivoting around on spiked heels, and then I’d envision their silky smooth legs spread open in front of me. I imagined myself walking into the club looking like a stud, not a geek, and having all the girls look at me and smile. I felt like all the girls in the gentlemen’s club were truly happy to see me.

My fantasy started out with me and my friends sitting down to eat a fantastic dinner. Since I was as rich as I was handsome in this fantasy, I had a feast prepared for my friends and I that consisted of shrimp cocktail, fried cheese ravioli, and filet mignon. Several bottles of wine were also set on the table for our enjoyment, and a couple of cute Dolls sat with us. There were a few other dishes that were served to us so we could taste everything on the award-winning menu, but the food was irrelevant by this point in my fantasy.

After the guys and I were done eating and the table was cleared, I was ready for some real action. So many different girls came over to talk to us while we were eating that I felt like the popular football captain surrounded by cheerleaders that wanted to date me. While all the Rhode Island Dolls are super sexy, there was only one that I wanted. I started looking around for my favorite stripper and found her performing on the main stage. With the lights flashing over her hourglass figure, she slowly slid her sparkly tight-fitting dress off her body until it fell around her ankles. She had a perfect body, with plump breasts, a flat stomach, and a smooth ass. She danced to the song like it was the last time she was going to be on stage and her body moved like this song was written just for her. I had to swallow back the excitement building deep within my body.

I sat at the main stage and watched her every move, giving her lots of tips. I told her I wanted to see her when she was done with her dance because I thought she was the hottest stripper in the club and I had something special for her. It didn’t take the stripper long to find me after her dance was done. She sat down on my lap and flirted with me until I whispered in her ear what I wanted from her. I pulled out a wad of cash and placed it in her cleavage. She quickly stood up, grabbed my hand, and led me into the VIP room.

In my fantasy, things got really hot and heavy in the VIP room, including things that wouldn’t happen in real life. But, hey, this is my fantasy! The sexy stripper taunted and teased me with her luscious breasts and long brown hair. She unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my muscular chest, then leaned forward and brushed her bare nipples against mine. She grinded me until I couldn’t stand it, and then she’d stand up and bend over to let me see the treasure between her legs. Watching her touch herself was enough to put me over the edge and it was at this point that I usually ended up waking up from my fantasy for fear of my body giving away just how horny I was.

Yes, I know it was just a fantasy and a lot of what I was thinking about won’t happen in real life, but it was fun to be someone else for a night. These fantasies have given me the confidence to have a blast when I go to the strip club next weekend.

When you go to RI Dolls strip club, as soon as you step through the doors you can be whoever you want. You can be the handsome football captain, from high school, a smart rocket scientist, or anyone else that you want to be. Take on the personality of someone else for the evening and show the Rhode Island Dolls just how much fun you can be. Because when the Dolls are having fun, you are too.