RI Dolls is Where I Relax When I’m in Town

Christmas Dance List - RI DollsAs the vice president at a financial services company, things can get pretty crazy for me at work. My team and I are wrapping up a huge project that took about a year to complete and my stress level is through the roof. I can see the end in sight, but I really need to start de-stressing now. I’ve been thinking about what I could do, and while many people will go to the gym, hit a punching bag, or even take a vacation, I’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Thinking about a visit to RI Dolls is what is keeping me going during the final stretch of this project. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at my desk fantasizing about what it will be like at the strip club. I think I’ll ask a couple of my work friends to come with me. We’d go right after work on a Friday night, because if we get in before 6PM, there is no cover. I’ve heard the food is fantastic, so we’d start out by having dinner and a few drinks while we watch the sexy girls dance on stage. I’d splurge for dinner and start with an order of juicy Shrimp Cocktail and Southwestern Egg Rolls. I’d get the delectable Filet Mignon for my main course. And no trip to the strip club would be complete without a happy ending. I’m not sure yet if I’d get an edible dessert, or instead feast my eyes on a sexy little RI Doll for my sweet treat.

While me and my buddies are enjoying dinner, we’re also enjoying the view. There are so many beautiful women here that I don’t think I can pick just one to get a lap dance with. Instead, I make it my mission to have one dance with every stripper in the gentlemen’s club. A feat that will make me a legend with my friends if I’m successful! After scanning the room again, I spot a smoking hot brunette at the bar wearing a sparkly outfit that looks like it came from a Vegas show. She will be my first at Rhode Island Dolls.

I walk over to the brunette beauty and introduce myself. She smiles and tells me her name, but I don’t know what she said because she looks so damn hot my mind turns to mush. I ask her if she’s giving lap dances, and her smile gets even wider as she tells me that she’d love to give me a special dance. She grabs my hand and rubs my thumb as we walk over to an empty couch. She sits on my lap and her bottoms are so short that her bare ass touches my pants and gets me excited. She flirts with me as I pass her some folded up bills to pay for my dance. When a new song begins she stands up and starts to dance for me. As I watch and feel her gyrating against my crotch, the stress of my job starts to melt away.

When my dance is over and the cute brunette put her clothes back on, I am ready for more. I grab another beer at the bar, drank it down fast, and find my next dancer. This time, I’m going for a flaming red-head in a dark green gown. I make eye contact and smile, and she comes to me. Before I know it, we are back at the same couch and I’m getting another lap dance. I watch the exotic dancer caresses her voluptuous breasts, and then she squeezes them against my cheeks. They are huge and soft, with light tan nipples. All of a sudden, she spins around and bends over so I get a full view of everything between her silky smooth legs. I feel more stress drain away as I continue to watch her perform a magical dance on me. I’m sorry the song was over, but if I’m going to succeed in my quest for a lap dance with every Doll in the strip club, then I don’t have time for another one with the red-head.

With every dance I get, more stress fades away until it’s completely gone. Since it is my fantasy, you know I succeeded in my quest to have a lap dance with every stripper at Rhode Island Dolls. Just thinking about what it will be like when the guys at work and I take a trip to Rhode Island to see the Dolls in action gets me all worked up. In fact, I think I’m going to go talk to them now and make a plan for a trip to Rhode Island Dolls next week.

Of course, lap dances and that kind of thing are off the table right now because of pandemic restrictions. But it doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about the good old days right? And one day, all this will be over and we can all go back to normal!