RI Dolls Isn’t Just About Strippers and Beer

Dancers LegsThere are a lot of misconceptions about strip clubs like Rhode Island Dolls. In Woonsocket, RI, this gentlemen’s club is about more than just strippers and beer though. The assumptions about strip clubs are usually based on movies and music videos that people watch but RI Dolls has become a very comfortable place for me.

If you’ve never actually had the pleasure of going to a strip club or a gentleman’s club, I encourage you to keep reading. Why? Well, I’d like to debunk some of the misconceptions about strip clubs for you. And, I’d like to tell you why a gentleman’s club can be a great place to meet people and make friends.

First things first. I started going to Rhode Island Dolls a few years ago. I, like most people, had certain expectations based on assumptions I had made about strip clubs over the years. I expected drugs, sex, and all things trashy. After all, that is what you saw when you watched shows with clubs on television.

The issue with this line of thinking is there is a difference between a club and a gentleman’s club. A gentleman’s club, traditionally, is more of a social club. It is a place that provides food, entertainment, and more. Historically, there was a time when a gentleman’s club was an exclusive social club for men only. Women weren’t allowed. It was a place for men to go to relax after a hard day’s work or when they just needed to get away from their wives and children.

Today, a gentleman’s club still has the feel of an exclusive social club for men to unwind and have a good time. The only difference is women are welcome to come and relax as well. After all, few things are sexier than a woman who considers exotic dancers as a form of entertainment right?

Now, back to my story: I have five individuals who I would consider to be best friends. While all six of us will go hang out at a gentleman’s club such as RI Dolls from time to time, I met three of my five friends at RI Dolls. Movies, television shows, and books make it seem like you go to one of these places to pick up girls. But, you don’t.

You go when you need to relax and unwind. Before you know it, you are kicked back and having a casual conversation with someone who likes a lot of the same things you do. Why? Well, they wouldn’t be sitting beside you at a strip club if they didn’t.

Still not sure if you want to pick up some new friends at a strip club? Let me take a stab at debunking some of those stripper misconceptions for you.

You need to start by tossing any and all opinions you have of strippers and exotic dancers out of your mind. These women are entertainers. These are women who take exceptional care of their bodies. These are women who master incredible dance moves and learn how to peel of their clothing in elegant and sensual ways.

Truthfully, I don’t think strippers are given enough credit and this is why a lot of people would never consider going to a strip club to meet some new friends. You eat some delicious food, engage in likeminded conversation, and watch exotic dancers perform. It really isn’t any different from going to the opera or a play. In a lot of ways, exotic dancing is just another work of art.

Another reason why I’ve heard a lot of men tell me they would never consider going to a strip club to meet people is because they consider strip clubs to be degrading to women. This, again, is a small-minded misconception made by someone who has never been to a strip club. The sophistication and beauty of the strippers and exotic dancers is empowering – not degrading. In fact, the beauty of an exotic dancer at RI Dolls is so empowering it may even bring a few tears to your eyes.

Ok, I know – I get it. I’m rambling here. Unfortunately, I’m a man of many words who really likes to hear himself talk. Anyway, let me try to get to the point for you: don’t knock something until you try it. I met three of my five best friends for life while having a good time at a gentlemen’s club. You never know who you might meet when you try going somewhere new and different for a change. Just give it a try. You never know what might happen.