RI Dolls: The Best Halloween Ever!

Halloween at Rhode Island DOllsRemember Halloween when you were a kid? Dressing up, getting all that candy, and running around in the dark with your friends? It was great to run around like that without getting into trouble!

I want to love Halloween like that again. I thought about getting dressed up and going to a bar on Halloween or a party but honestly, most bars and parties just aren’t my scene anymore. I considered having my own party on Halloween, but then I thought about all the work involved in it and decided that I wasn’t interested in that.

Then it dawned on me – why not go to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI for Halloween? I started thinking about how awesome it would be to go to RI Dolls on Halloween and spend the night with a bunch of hot strippers in sexy costumes. My mouth started to salivate and I knew I was on to something good, so I continued to fantasize about what it would be like if I went to the Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club for Halloween this year.

I’d dress up as a 1970s pimp, complete with a purple velvet suit, white hat with a large purple flume, and white patent leather loafers. I’d also wear a lot of gold chains around my neck, and a few big and gaudy gold rings on my fingers. The second I strutted into the door, everyone in the strip club turned to look at me. I paused so they could get a good look at me, and then continued to glide to an empty table near a small stage and a pole. I was ready to see some action, so I reached into my flashy bell-bottom pants to pull out a roll of cash just as the first girl stepped onto the stage and began to swing around the pole.

Misty is one of my favorite exotic dancers in this Woonsocket strip club. She was dressed up as a black cat for Halloween and I wanted to reach out and scratch her behind. This sex kitten wrapped her body around the pole and twisted herself into amazing positions that sent my imagination into overdrive. I started thinking about all the ways I could bang Misty while she was twirling around the silver pole.

As she slowly took off her kitty costume, I remembered how delicious she smelled during the last lap dance she gave me. As the pressure in my pants grew, the pace of the song picked up speed and Misty’s dance moves morphed into what looked more like sexual intercourse positions than dance moves. Her smooth tan skin looked radiant in the club and her dark nipples were like a bulls-eye for my tongue. But my favorite part of her routine was when she was at the top of the pole, upside-down, with her legs spread open as she slowly slid down. I could see her little pink package and it was ripe and ready.

I started to unroll my wad of cash to give Misty a big tip. Before she could put her cat costume back on I was able to put a few dollars between her breasts, under her garter, and I watched her pick up a five dollar bill with only her crotch. I grabbed a bottle of champagne from a waitress that was prancing by, and poured it down the front of Misty’s chest and watched the drops cascade over her round breasts. She reached down and licked the champagne off her erect nipple, swirled her finger around her nipple, then sucked the champagne off her finger. I gave her another tip after she let me taste her wet finger.

When the last song in Misty’s routine was over, she stepped off the stage and another beauty filled her spot. She didn’t touch the pole, but as a French maid she didn’t need to. This stripper was smoking hot dancing around in her short little maid outfit. She flirted by shaking her feather duster in my face. I shook my head to escape the itching and I was back in reality.

I was disappointed to be yanked out of a great Halloween fantasy at Rhode Island Dolls. But after sharing my idea to go to Rhode Island Dolls strip club for Halloween with my buddies, they were all on board.

So, I guess that’s settled – Halloween at RI Dolls! It’s going to be the best Halloween ever!