Should You Visit Gentlemen’s Clubs Like Rhode Island Dolls as a Single, a Group, or a Pair?

Rhode Island Dolls - Group VIsitYou’ve driven by RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island a few times and it always catches your eye. You want to check it out, but you aren’t sure when to go, who to take with you, or if it will even be worth it without a gazillion one-dollar bills. Luckily, this article should answer all your questions and let you know what to expect when you visit a gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls as a single, group, or a pair. But the truth is that, anyone and everyone should visit this amazing club!

Visit Rhode Island Dolls As A Single

If you are a single, you’ll have a blast at Rhode Island Dolls. This classy gentlemen’s club has the alluring atmosphere of a trendy Las Vegas club, without having to take a long plane ride. The lights are dimmed just enough to provide the essential ambiance, with purple lights highlighting the bar and a flickering candle at each table. But what really sparkles about RI Dolls are the beautiful exotic dancers.

As a single, once you pick up on the great music that pipes through the club for the dancer on the main stage, you may be tempted to jump up and sing along, but this isn’t a good idea unless you want to get negative attention. Instead, think of this as the best place for a single person to relax and unwind. Since this is a place where fantasies come true, think of yourself as the latest Grammy winner having a fun night out on the town, and live like a rock star. Indulge in a few private dances, order a bottle of bubbly for yourself and your favorite stripper, and don’t forget a relaxing massage to loosen up all those tight muscles.

Visit Rhode Island Dolls As A Group

The best way to experience RI Dolls is to come in with a group. This gentleman’s club is expert at showing people a great time and they specialize in group functions. If you are looking for a prime location for a bachelor party, a staff meeting, or a holiday party, then this is the place. You can have a great meal, listen to hip music, and have fun with the beautiful erotic dancers.

Plan in advance by letting Rhode Island Dolls know you are coming. Tell them how many people are in your group, give them some ideas of what you’d like, and let the specialists put a package together for you. Don’t forget that RI Dolls has award-winning cuisine that can be added to your party package, with delectable treats that include juicy shrimp cocktail, plump chicken wings, crispy pizzas, tantalizing sandwiches, refreshing salads, scrumptious steaks, and so much more. And don’t forget a sweet treat from the dessert menu.

Visit Rhode Island Dolls As A Pair

These days, many wives and girlfriends are open-minded about visiting a strip club with their partners, so bring your other half to RI Dolls and see how wonderful it can be for a couple. This plush gentleman’s club is just as comfortable for a woman as it is for a man. The soft cushioned seats and classy furniture will make your wife feel right at home.

Start the night out with her favorite drink and an appetizer, and take a few minutes to revel in the environment. Your woman will quickly warm up to the tunes playing and then the dancer on the main stage will catch her eye. The dancer will be wearing a glittery gown that looks like she came straight off the red carpet in Hollywood. You’ll notice the stress and nervousness leave your wife or girlfriend’s shoulders almost instantly. Before you know it, she’ll be telling you that she’s having a great time. When she asks you for a lap dance, then you’ll know it’s true. Enjoy the night together, looking at beautiful woman, drinking amazing cocktails, and eating scrumptious food. It will be a night you’ll never forget. I bet she’ll want to come back again.

Everyone Has Fun at Rhode Island Dolls

As you can see, anyone can have fun at Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club. You can come in with a group, with your wife or girlfriend, or you can even come in on your own for a bite to eat or a drink after work. There really is no one way to visit this stripper bar that will ensure you have a great time. You’ll have a fantastic time each and every time you come spend the night with RI Dolls.